5 Things To Expect In This Year’s March Madness Tournament. By: Peter Snyder


  1. Falling in love with a cinderella story – Every year there is that one special team that you feel like has been a missing part of your life. Whether it is the feel-good boys from Florida, who go to a small school and get foreshadowed by the big timers, or a school you never even knew existed, everyone loves to root for the underdog.


  1. Dealing with Mr. “My bracket is busted”- There is always that one guy at work or school that thinks the world is over when he picks one game incorrectly, crying that his bracket is completely busted. “Well there goes my bracket, 9 seed Vanderbilt Commodores defeated 8 seed Northwestern Wildcats.” Relax pal.


  1. Seeing another Gonzaga team come up just short – It seems for the last few years, Mark Few and his Gonzaga Bulldogs dominate in the regular season and come up just short in the big dance. This year will be no different. Yes, I understand that they are playing teams like Saint Mary’s school of the blind led by point guard Joe Shmoe, but c’mon now, eventually they have to break though.


  1. Lonzo taking the tournament by the Ball(s) – For those of you who haven’t watched, or have just been living under a rock, UCLA has this freshman phenom named Lonzo Ball and he will show the whole world how great he is under the brightest lights. Averaging 14.4 points, 6 boards, and 7 assists per game he will surely be a dominant force in this years dance.


  1. Coach K cutting down the nets once again and telling his haters to kiss his a** – You either love him or hate him, but lets face it, he’s the G.O.A.T., That will never change. Duke is the hottest team entering this year’s tourney after winning 4 games in 4 nights, bringing home the ACC championship. They are going to carry that momentum all the way to Phoenix as they secure their 6th National Championship, all under Coach K.

Buckle up folks, because the madness is about to begin!

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