NOVA GOES DOWN! By: Peter Snyder

 Did that actually just happen? In a blink of an eye the number 1 overall seed in this years NCAA tournament has been terminated. Relegated. Eliminated!  Millions of americans’ brackets have suddenly been completely busted as 13 percent of all people who filled out a bracket on ESPN, predicted Villanova to win the national championship and over 40 percent had them going to the final four. As a duke fan this is a bright spot. However, due to the fact that we were in the same region, our road to Phoenix now should be easier. Congrats to a gritty Wisconsin team though. Much respect has been given to this badger team when mid way through the season, many doubted they could even get out of the first round. Led by Nigel Hayes, the Badgers look to continue their run in New York City as they will face the winner of the Virginia-Florida game in the Sweet 16 on friday night. Moments like these are what make March Madness so special and I hope the moments will continue to come as the tournament progresses.

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