D Book Drops 70. By: Peter Snyder

Yes, you read that title right. On Friday night in Boston, the Suns 20-year-old guard, Devin Booker, dropped an astonishing SEVENTY points. This was the most points in a single game since Kobe Bryant, who dropped 81 in 2006. Booker went 21/40 from the field, and added another 24 from the free throw line. Booker went on to break multiple records, such as the most points scored in a single game in Suns history, most points scored against the Celtics historical franchise, and he is the youngest player to drop even 60. After this amazing night, although leading to a Suns loss, you can’t even buy him a drink. Devin Booker just dropped 70 points at the TD Garden, against the second place team in the eastern conference, and he can not consume alcohol legally. Let that Sink in for a second. Just two years ago, D Book was playing for Kentucky in the NCAA tournament. Three short years ago he was my age, probably playing 2K with his friends, enjoying high school, and eating junk food. They say that time goes by fast, but GOD DAMN this kid grew up in the blink of an eye. Big things are to come in Bookers future hopefully, I would not be surprised if he is a top 10 player in the league within the next 3 years.

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