The Worst Played National Championship Game EVER! By: Peter Snyder

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Honestly if that wasn’t the national championship game, I would have turned the game off with 10 minutes to go in the second half. I mean where do I even effing begin. That Polish monster couldn’t hit  water if a ship was sinking.  I could have made half the WIDE OPEN layups that he bricked. I get the pressure is high and you go to a small school, but this is the big time big fella, step up! It was almost painful to watch this mans draft stock go down by the second. He went from a potential lottery pick to a late first round, early second round wash up in the span of 40 minutes when the lights were the brightest. I would also like to thank Foot Locker for providing the referee’s to last nights game. The game was so ticky tacky at one point I had to put the game on mute because the sound of whistles was hurting my ears. With 14 freaking minutes left in the first half, BOTH teams were in the bonus, let them play for Christs sake! Gonzaga started the second half shooting 3 for 19 from the field which im pretty sure my old YMCA team could shoot a higher percentage. Gonzaga fans didn’t have to worry though because UNC remained just as cold keeping the Zags in the game for the whole second half. Can we also take a second to look at old Gonzaga star, Adam Morrison. amo My dude looked like a combination of Mr. Crabs and a life guard who spent way to much time in the sun. To conclude, Mark Few while trailing by three with under minute to go, drew up one of the worst plays in the history of college basketball. No screens, no movement just a bunch of dudes with their hands up their ass looking lost. So congrats UNC, on winning and I use that term very lightly but I want to personally apologize to all the people who paid  hundreds of dollars to watch that so called of a basketball game.

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