Resting Players. By Stephen Tella

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It is a no brainer that the big controversy in the NBA at the moment is the debate on resting players. Fans are becoming unhappy that some of the league’s biggest stars are sitting games to rest and not take the chance to get injured. Other people are also saying if stars like LeBron James were truly passionate about the game that they should not be resting any games. I just can not agree with these statements, I mean the season is 82 games long! When teams like Cleveland, San Antonio, and Golden State near the end of the season, they know they are a shoe-in to make the playoffs and really can start focusing on postseason. I mean when you are the #1 seed in the east or west why would you want Lebron or Curry risking injury down the stretch of the season when they play a team like the Nets or the Suns. In this league it is all about winning titles and to do so you need your star players healthy. The powerhouse teams of the league know to keep their big 3 rested and healthy for playoff and championship runs. Now with championship talk aside, teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves have very young talent. Resting their experienced talent and letting those young and promising players get great league exposure can benefit these low ranking organizations. So in my opinion, resting stars and older players is essential to a balanced team, getting the youth experience, and most importantly winning championships.

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