Why The Canadian Playoff Atmosphere Is On Another Level. By : Peter Snyder


Step your game up America, because when it comes to the playoff atmosphere in hockey, Canada is flat-out kicking our ass. The other night I’m watching the Edmonton Oilers game and before the game started there was a man in the stands singing the famous Canadian national anthem. In the middle of the song he took the mic away and let the crowd take over.

What happened next will give you goosebumps running down your spine. It seemed like the whole nation of Canada was there singing their country’s song as one. It was a sheer thing of beauty. For a split second I was so into it I thought I was Canadian. From the city of Edmonton to the small town of Ottawa to the hall of fame city of Toronto and last but not least to the casual folks from Calgary, hockey is what they have. It’s what they live for. Kids are raised on the ice and born with a hockey stick in their hand. For them hockey is not just a game its a lifestyle and that is truly something special.

Americans have football and baseball  and even basketball to share the spotlight with hockey but that is not the case in Canada. In Canada hockey is king and truly has no peer.

All im gonna say is this, if  I’m an NHL hockey player playing for an American franchise, there is no way in hell I would want to travel to a Canadian hockey town to face a team inspired by that atmosphere.  What they have going on over there is incomparable to the most intense playoff atmosphere that we have in the states. Maybe its what they have in the water over there Aye?

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