You Can’t Thame This Beast. By: Peter Snyder.

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Yes, That was absolutely a corny pun, and yes, I layed that shit up. Eric Thames, who plays for the Milwaukee Brewers is absolutely tearing it up with 11 homers In the month of April. Who even is this guy? He snuck up like Randy Orton and gave the show a big RKO. There’s only one real explanation, ROIDS. Last year he was In some Korean league and you’re trying to tell me that he is leading the league in homers against the best pitching in the world. Don’t get me wrong, he is a professional baseball player and was in the major leagues previously (not since 20120, but he was never a superstar and few even called him mediocre. I do like his swing though. It’s comparable to Christian Yeliches. Do I think he’s gonna slow down? Without a doubt. He will probably finish the season with 30 homers and 100 Ribbies and win comeback player of the year, but then will get drug tested after the season and it will all make sense. Regardless, what Eric Thames is doing right now is impressive and I highly recommend when you see he is up to bat , watch it because it this dude must see TV right now.

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