ESPN Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves. By: Peter Snyder.

If you haven’t heard yet, ESPN has announced they have decided to lay off over 100 workers to become “More Digital”.  Some of the more notable lay offs included Ed Werder who has been with the company for 17 years, Danny Kannel, Jayson Stark, Trent Dilfer, 14 year vet Jay Crawford and last but not least Jamie Sire. This does not even begin to make a dent into the pile of people who became unemployed today.

Yeah its ESPN and these people probably are stable financially, but they are still being laid off from their jobs.  People had relocated to Bristol Connecticut (home of the ESPN headquarters with their families and this area is not known to have the best jobs  opportunities for the media. So now what do you do? Do you move your whole family, and the life that you have built elsewhere?

Yes the known faces will be picked up easily by Fox sports and other networks but what about those little known personalities that hold the smaller jobs. What about the kid in his mid 20s who dropped everything out of college to go work for his dream company and his dream job. What is he supposed to do now living his life in the heart of Bristol?

And all to become more digital. I totally understand it’s a business and its all about money, but these people made you millions of dollars. People would look forward to the Ed Werder report on  Sunday morning before the big games or Dilfers dimes on Monday Night Countdown after a weekend of action packed football. Jason Stark is a PHENOMENAL baseball writer and brought a lot to the company. As a kid, I always woke up to ESPN and would look forward to watching sportcenter every morning before school. I pictured myself on the front desk as if I were Stuart Scott and today, I can truly say I am disappointed in this company.  They should be ashamed of themselves.  It will be interesting to see how ESPN responds from all of the backlash from their fans and I promise you there will be backlash. When I first read the story I along with plenty of others thought to myself  “This is no longer my dream job”  instead I now look at them as selfish guys who care about ratings more than their employees which shows obviously  they obviously don’t care about the people who helped them get ratings in the first place  and that is truly sad.

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