The Draft Was An ELECTRIC FACTORY! By: Peter Snyder

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Whoever had the idea to have the draft outside, deserves a medal . The atmosphere this weekend in Philadelphia, where the 2017 draft was held, was nothing less than electric. On Thursday night when 8 o clock hit, ESPN did a fly over of the Philadelphia crowd as the first round was about to take place, and the sea of Eagle green gave me goosebumps. Over 50,000 spirited people packed around the Philadelphia Art Museum, (unofficially known to outsiders as the “Rocky steps”), to witness this years event.  In past years the conventional draft has been this boring event that takes place in this big hall and where after the first round (unless you work for the NFL), you really didn’t give a shit. This year was the complete opposite. This year the Philly fans raised their passion to electric levels and a party atmosphere was sustained for the duration of the draft.

Every picks ovation was louder than the last and every boo got stronger each time Rodger Goodell walked on to the stage.  Throughout the first round,  there was a crescendo building as the the time approached for the hometown Eagles to make their selection.  When the public address announcer said “The Philadelphia Eagles are now on the clock” the crowd absolutely ERUPTED. I mean you wanna talk about getting fired up. For a split second I thought I was in the Linc and it was third down and goal in the fourth quarter. For those of you who know me, you know that I do not agree with a lot of things that the NFL does, and I sure as hell do not like that pansee they call the commissioner. However, hosting the NFL draft in Philadelphia and having an outside atmosphere is an absolute grand slam and I give them big time brownie points. Oh and by the way #Flyeaglesfly.

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