Isiah Thomas Is A BAAAAAAAD MAAAN. By: Peter Snyder

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I’ve been watching sports my whole life and have seen literally everything but even to this day, these Athletes still find a way to amaze me. Last night, Isiah Thomas put up a postseason career  high 53 points last night in a win over the Washington Wizards. The Celtics now lead the series 2-0 and are in a commanding series lead. Isiah put up 29 points in the 4th quarter and OT. The young guard from Washington could not effing miss. For a dude that is listed 5″9 on a “good day” and let’s be real he’s 5″7, he is proving that he is true superstar is this league and can play with the big boys. I have never seen such a small player be so fearless in the paint and convert. If I was a center, I would be embarrassed as hell and Marcin Gortat should go back to Poland. The last and one was so impressive I almost felt like I was a Celtics fans for a quick second. As a Sixers fan, I am raised to hate the Celtics but I found myself rooting for this little guy last night on ever possession more than the last. Why did I root for him? Because we as a society love to root for the underdog, the little guy who thought nobody could succeed. How can you not root for this guy, he’s playing for his sister who just last week, died of a fatal car accident and yesterday would have been her 23rd birthday. He is playing for something bigger than himself, bigger than any of us and I can speak for a lot of people that we are all on his side.  I think it’s clear that last night Isiah Thomas became an absolute star if he wasn’t already.

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