The Cavaliers And Warriors Have Made Basketball Boring By: Peter Snyder

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I appreciate dominance. I respect dominance. I respect the dynasty that is Tom Brady and the New England Patriots and UCONN’s women’s basketball winning 100 straight. But at what point does dominance get boring? Playoff basketball is supposed to be fun and most importantly competitive. These are supposed to be the 16 best teams in the world and should go at each other. But it has seemed that in the last 3 years, two teams have been on a whole separate level, a tier above the rest. The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are a combined 16-0 in the playoffs thus far and are well on their way to facing off in their third straight NBA Finals. So the question is why even play the regular season? Its predictable. Why not just skip straight to the Finals and let these two go at it. Don’t get me wrong, this league is crowded with stars and talent but as a teams perspective, no team has come close to competing. The East is weak lets face it. If the Boston Celtics, who cannot keep a game close for the life of them recently, are the one seed, that’s where you know there is a problem. The West has better competition and better teams but no team can compete with the Warriors in a best of 7 right now and that’s just factual. I can’t wait for the Finals trust you me and this rivalry forming between the two is becoming historic. I just have a hard time watching the playoffs this year because in my eyes it’s way to predictable and will be until somebody can put together a team to slay one of these beasts.

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