The Wizards-Celtics Series Has Become An Absolute Snooze Fest By: Peter Snyder

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Seriously, could this series become any more boring. After the first two games of the series were competitive it was thought that this series was going to be back and fourth. It has in the sense that the series is now 3-2 in favor of the Celtics, but ever since Game Two, every game has been a blowout. What’s the fun in that? I would rather watch paint dry then watch a game be over by the third quarter and have the scrubs play in the game. Games three and four were completely dominated by the Washington Wizards so much that at one point in Game 3 they went on a 26-0 run. How in the hell are you as a number one seed in the East going to allow a 26-0 run? That is just pitiful. I am tired of seeing this trash form of basketball. This series is probably going to go 7 but let’s be honest, has anybody enjoyed this series so far? If it wasn’t for the beef and pure hatred these teams have for one another, I honestly would just stop watching. I wanna see old school playoff basketball where every game was back and forth, every play was intense and the paint was an absolute war zone. These days the NBA is totally watered down and besides a handful of teams and a selection of players, the league is as weak and non competitive then I have ever seen. Somebody please wake me up when these teams actually get to the forth quarter with the score being even some what close until then, I will be snoring away.

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