The Los Angeles Clippers Current Off Season Situation By: Jaret Petersohn

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  The Los Angeles Clippers made the playoffs this year. And (you guessed it) they failed to make the Conference Finals again. In the “Chris Paul” era, the Clips have failed to make the Conference Finals just once. So if you’re Dave Wohl what do you do with this team?

      First thing is first, resign J.J. Reddick. One of, if not the best shooting guard in free agency this year.  The 32 year old guard may not score a lot but he does score in bunches, making himself and 37 year old Jamal Crawford a crucial key to the Clippers offense game moving forward. At 9.9PPG in the regular season he is useful starting at the guard position or coming off the bench, either way the clippers can use him with a revamped young and gun team.

     Second is letting go of Chris Paul. This will be tough for Clipper fans, having a star point guard leave your team isn’t always the easiest and most effective strategy right away. But over time this decision will make it easier on them in the long run. If Paul does resign, Dave Wohl should deal him while he still can get attention on the market. Possibly getting a few draft picks or young guards. If he does leave in free agency the Clips should let him go and save the $24.4M they will owe him for the 2017-18 year. Using that money on young and upcoming prospects is the right move for them. Obviously you’d rather have Paul resign and deal him for possibly a few upcoming first round picks and a veteran.

     Third the Clippers should deal Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan. Pick one of the two to deal away and build a young, fast, strong core around the other. The Los Angeles counter in the Lakers have begun to do this and they are one superstar away from a dangerous team (Paul George).

         Lastly, give Gordan Hayward, Kelly Olynyk, and Otto Porter a call this summer. They are all young players under 28 that are extremely efficient. Make the priority Hayward, and Porter your second call. Porter is by far the unsung hero for the Washington Wizards this season and can only take the clippers to new heights this season. The same goes for the Celtics power forward Kelly Olynyk, who crashes what seems like every board for the C’s, by far the hardest worker with the biggest heart on that team. 

   The Los Angeles Clippers have had a rough 6 years, sorry Clips Nation its time to rebuild.

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