Celtics-Cavaliers Game 1 Live Blog By: Peter Snyder.

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04132017-lebron-james.jpegIsaiah Thomas

 This is a live blog where I will be updating this post constantly as action takes place from tonight’s big matchup. Tune in at approximately 8:40PM and let the fun begin. 

WHAT A START. Cleveland is on fire early and looks poised to roll through this Celtics team. Lebron James has been unstoppable early and it is clear the Cavs are using the extra few days of rest to their advantage. Stay tuned for further updates.

End of 1, 30-19 with the Cavs making a huge statement. Lebron has 15 and looks like this could be a special night for him. The Celtics can just not find a way to guard the man and Brad Stevens needs to come up with a plan quick or this one will get out of hand fast. Also Kevin Loves shoulder is still in place so that’s a good sign. 

Update: Marcus Smart loves to flop and this game is already about to get out of hand.

Bruh……..its 48-25…..can we please get some competitive basketball. 

I can already call a dart to the heart on game one it’s a wrap..donzo..finito. The Celtics just have not shown up at all and were not ready to compete. It has been the complete opposite with the Cavs . They have come in hungry and determined not to lose a game in these playoffs. It’s a shame too because Boston is an incredible atmosphere and can get loud when the games are close and competitive. The Cavs starters are outscoring the Celtics starters 43-8. That is a mind-blowing stat.

First half recap is essentially if you are a Lebron fan, you are literally turned on by the display he is putting on and if you’re a Celtics/everyday basketball fan the first half was an absolute snooze fest. It should be interesting to see if the Celtics come out with any fight at all to start the second half or if they just roll over in their grave. 

Avery Bradley almost had his Kodak Moment. Can’t even lie, that would have been absolutely ELECTRIC if he would have thrown that dunk down on the king.

The play has began to get chippy and honestly I don’t hate it because it brings some life to this boring game.

HERE COME THE CELTS!!!!!!!! Just like that it is only a 17 point game which seems like a lot and let’s be real, the Cavs do have commanding control, but this is the first time all night other than the tip that the Boston crowd have been on their feet and made some noise, could this be the start of an epic comeback?

I don’t like Marcus smart man. Like don’t get me wrong he’s a pretty good player and above average layer, his attitude thigh just totally rubs me the wrong way. 

Well there it is folks, the Cleveland Cavaliers dominate game one with the final score of 117-104. From the beginning it was clear the Cavs were the better team and I think it set a  precedent on how this series is going to turn out. This was a lot of fun let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the live style of writing and if I should do more of it. Till next time, peace.

One Reply to “Celtics-Cavaliers Game 1 Live Blog By: Peter Snyder.”

  1. Pete,

    Nice job. It was not too long or overbearing. Observations were concise. It was a good idea. Must have been a lot of work. Too bad the game was not as interesting as your live blog.


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