Carmelo Anthony’s Future. By: Jaret Petersohn

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carmphil_ljplh7ed_qc9ujuwgOne of the biggest off season talks this year is where Camelo Anthony will play next year. Phil Jackson has publicly stated that Melo is better off in a different environment pushing Anthony’s hand at leaving New York this off season and picking up somewhere new. The questions remain, where should Carmelo play next year and who wants him?


NBA:  Los Angeles Clippers at New York KnicksThe obvious Los Angeles Clippers are a very interesting destination for the 32 year old. With free agency lingering over Chris Paul and Blake Griffin the Clippers may need a new face to keep attendance up while they could rebuild. They can also keep Paul and Griffin while having the option to sign Anthony, creating a big 4 in Los Angeles once again. The team would likely have to give up free agent J.J. Reddick due to cap space, a small price to pay for putting together a super team.


lebron-james-carmelo-anthony-nba-cleveland-cavaliers-new-york-knicks.jpgCleveland is another signing place for Carmelo. And likely with a trade, Cleveland can offer most for him. Adding Melo to that starting lineup would be quite lethal, with a starting five of Irving, James, Anthony, Love, and Thompson. A much higher ceiling for lebron passing Jordan and Carmelo gaining his first ring.


NBA: New York Knicks at Milwaukee BucksNext would be the Milwaukee Bucks, which i will admit needs a point guard much more than a insufficient defender, but a scorer nonetheless. A one two punch of Carmelo and Giannis in the East would give Cleveland the push it has yet to see. Adding him to that starting lineup with the bigs of Thon Maker and Khris Middleton with Greg Monroe coming off the bench would outstanding. Maybe wouldn’t take the Cavs off their pedestal but could steal a game or two.

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