Why The Colorado Rockies will win the NL West. By: Peter Snyder

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MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Colorado Rockies

Yes you read that title right, The Colorado Rockies are going to win the NL West and I am here to tell you why. This team is offensively stacked for starters. There are top 10 in the league with a .259 batting average and are top 7 in team Rbis with 190. They also have an impressive team slugging percentage of .435. Moreover they have scored 199 runs this year which is also top 7 in the majors.

Who leads this potent offense? None other than superstar third baseman, Nolan Arenado. In my opinion he is a top 5 hitter in the majors and his numbers back it up. This year Nolan is batting an impressive .299  with 10 home runs and 28 Rbis. For most who have followed Nolan for throughout his career, this could be considered a slow star. That’s just scary because when he gets hot, he is one of the most dangerous hitters in baseball. Oh and we’ll get back to that magic glove he has later. Colorado has also seen early season production from Mark Reynolds, Charlie Blackmond, and Trevor Story. Oh yea and Car Go hasn’t even hit his full stride yet. When this offense is clicking on all cylinders they are one of the best in baseball.

Secondly, The Rockies pitching staff has been surprisingly good this year. Colorado has had a good offense for the last couple of years, but their lackluster pitching has always been their kryptonite. With the addition of closer Greg Holland and early production from Tyler Chatwood, the Rockies pitching staff has been an early surprise for the ball club. Oh yea, these boys from out west can flash the leather too. Nolan Arenado, is almost a lock to win the gold glove every year given that he stays healthy and Trevor Story is a dark horse to be a gold glove finalist this year in  my opinion. The Rockies play the game right and make very few errors. It’s the small things like limiting errors that take your team a playoff contender.

Finally, the NL West is just a  fairly weak division this year. For the last 5 years, the West has been dominated by the Dodgers and Giants, but this year the script has flipped and two unlikely teams are at the top of the division.

The Arizona Diamondbacka have also been an early surprise this season. With a record of 24-18 the D’backs are sitting pretty in second place in the division almost a quarter of the way through the regular season. I don’t thnk they can hang though because other than Zach Grenkie, their starting pitching staff is weak. The loss of Shelby Miller, (who is going to need Tommy John,)will really hurt this ball club. Without Mad Bum, the Giants have no chance of competing in this division and the Padres flat out suck. I think the Rockies and Dodgers will battle it out the whole summer, but  the Rockies , due to their superior offense will start to pull away in late September.

Colorado, get ready beacause October baseball is returning to your city and you need to be fired up about it!

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