The Most Anticipated Matchup In NBA Finals History. By: Peter Snyder

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No team in NBA history has gone 12-0 in the playoffs on route to the NBA finals, but the Golden State Warriors are about to do just that. If they do end up facing the Cavaliers, this would be the third straight meeting between these two foes in the Finals, they have split the first two matchups. Last year’s game seven was arguably one of the greatest games played in sports history. The king is looking to protect his throne, but in his way stands a young PG with swagger. Need I say more? The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors are almost a lock to meet in the NBA Finals once again, and I could not be more excited. This year, these teams are a combined 21-1 in the playoffs and that is just unheard of. However, the pure dominance in these playoffs leads to a lack of intrest from the fans. Everyone knew who was going to be in the finals before the playoffs even began. So, the question is, who is going to bend first? The Warriors will have home court advantage as they finished the regular season with a better overall record, but the Cavaliers are used to winning playoff games in hostile atmospheres. Another question that has been asked is if the Warriors are in fact better than they were last year. As crazy as that sounds, keeping in mind that the Warriors finished with a 72-10 record last year, it’s a logical question. The addition of superstar Kevin Durant has brought this team to a whole different level. Lebron and the Cavs will surely have their work cut out for them. I also believe that the Cavs are a much stronger team than they were a year ago. They are completely healthy heading into the finals (knock on wood). The big three composed of Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving, and of course the King himself are playing as well as they have all season. All of this together only strengthens the hype and anticipation to this matchup. Before game one I will write a full preview and prediction on this upcoming series, but I can promise you one thing: You better take off of work now, because these games are going to be some of the best, most competitive games of basketball you will ever see.

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