Why We Need To Start Talking More About Ervin Santana By: Peter Snyder

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Many pitchers have been off to a hot start this season. The usual names, like Chris Sale and Dallas Keuchel, come to mind easily. But did you know there is one guy who has been hotter than them all. Ervin Santana is a starting pitcher for the Minnisota Twins and he is pretty damn good. This season, Santana has a 7-2 record with a 1.80 ERA. Last night at Camden Yards agaist a really good Baltimore team, Santana threw a complete game GEM, allowing only 2 hits and striking out six. He retired the last 14 batters of the game with only 42 pitches which if you don’t know, is pretty impressive. This was Santana’s 10th career shutout and 18th complete game. It is honestly hard to fathom how underrated this guy has been this year. I mean for Pete’s sake, he has a 0.47 ERA on the road this year. That is ridiculous! He has the lowest ERA in the bigs, tied for the most wins and 3rd in WHIP. How are we not talking about this guy more? I get that he is on the Twins and they are not the most attractive team to talk about, but because of him they are 24-18 and are in first place in the AL Central. Let’s compare him to Kershaw, and Kluber, because Santana is as legit as they come and is having one of the best starts to a season a pitcher has ever had in the history of the MLB. If the season ended today and I had a vote for the AL Cy Young, my vote would easily go to Ervin Santana.

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