The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies Are An Absolute Disgrace By: Peter Snyder

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As much as it pains me to say, as I am as die-hard of a Philly fan as you will meet, I have already had enough of this team for the season. They literally can’t do anything. In the last 24 games, the Phillies have won a whopping 4 of them and lost 20. Let’s start with how bad the offense is. I mean they can’t hit for shit. In the last week, the Phillies have composed a .236 on base percentage. Do you get how pitiful that is? I’m pretty sure my little league team could have a higher on base percentage. When they do manage to get on base they either get caught stealing or get picked off because that is what they do best. They have absolute no power whatsoever. They only have 46 combined homers, which is bottom 5 in the bigs, 186 runs which is also bottom 5 and to top the fantastic stats off, have an astounding 181 RBIs. To put that in comparison, the Nationals lead the leauge in RBIs with 247.

Another reason the Phillies are a disgrace is their starters’ inability to go deep into ball games and handing the ball off to a bullpen that blows more than a hot air balloon. It seems like no matter how well one of the Phillies starter’s does, they cannot make it out of the 5th or 6th inning and their inability to manage a pitch count is just so frustrating. Don’t even get me started on this bullpen man. Besides Pat Neshek, every pitcher in the bullpen is just awful. I mean, I can’t even be comfortable with a 5-0 lead heading into the 9th. There have been too many times in this young season when I have gotten my hopes up late in the 9th, only for my heart to be broken by Bryce Harper or Michael Conforto. It needs to stop. Philadelphia, where is the hope? I am so tired of being bad. I have been a loyal Phils fan my whole life and ever since 2011, I have seen a shitty ball club night in and night out. But that being said and as hard as it may be, I wouldn’t want to root for any other ball club because once you become a Philadelphia sports fan, you are a family for life.

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