Is This Series Already Over? By: Peter Snyder

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Well, that was ugly. In a game dominated by KD, there was no defense being played by the Cavs and a Turnover clinic put on by Lebron James. Many people are starting to think that this series is already over. My response to that is simple: RELAX. Lebron James is 1-8 in-game one of the NBA Finals. It was a true road game and they didn’t play their best basketball, which is going to happen. Last year they lost the first 2 games in Oakland and turned out just fine. One thing is for certain, if the Cavs are going to have any chance to win this series two things need to happen. They need to start playing some effing defense. Last night was a literal joke. KD literally had 200 wide open dunks while JR just stood there with his hand up his ass. Also, Lebron and Kyrie are going to need help, they can’t do it all by themselves. The Warriors are just to good for the Cavs to get away with their role players not performing. Kyle Korver was non existant in game one, along with Channing Fry and Deron Williams. They need to step their game up. Dante Jones had more of an impact than Korver did last night, that just can’t happen. The Cavs also have to get more physical on the glass and limit their turnovers but that will happen in game 2. To conclude, Golden State, the statement has been made and what a statement it was. It’s time for you to respond Cleveland, a task perhaps only a king can handle.

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