Game 2 NBA Finals Recap. By: Peter Snyder

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I am not saying that this series is over but, it is pretty damn close. This Warriors team is just flat-out better in every aspect of the word. They are superior defensively, offensively and it is just sad. I’m not saying it’s sad because I want to see the Cavs and Lebron win, but it’s sad because this is not competitive basketball. That’s all we really want to see: competitive basketball. We were so excited to see this “epic” finals matchup and so far, it has been anything but that. The Cavs need to find an answer and need to find one quickly or they are going to get swept. One thing you can not do is blame this on Lebron. He literally can’t do anything else. In game 2, he scored 29 points along with 11 rebounds and 14 assist. A triple double is never easy to do especially if the feat is accomplished in the finals. What the Cavs need to start doing is to find a way to contain KD and Steph because right now, they are scoring at ease. Honestly, the effort that the Cavs are putting in defensivly right now is laughable. At the end of the game, the Warriors were just chucking up wide open threes and of course, making them. All I know is that if the Cavs were a tire, they would pretty much be deflated and need someone/something to give them air.

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