Dream’s Worth More Than Money By: Joey Bailey

Oh happy day oh happy day! Football is fastly approaching with the starting of OTA’s for all teams and players, well actually not all players. Giants superstar wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. is a holdout at Giants camp so far. This is the direct result of his lowly rookie salary for this up and coming superstar. Odell is set to make $1,839,027 in 2017 which would rank him as the 45th highest paid receiver in a league where he is considered top 3. For some this is a fair reason, I mean he has broke several all time records for first 3 year stats, but this wasn’t a guarantee. None of it was. For Odell this was all once a dream and the money did not matter, but like most with success comes greed and OBJ is no exception. Rookie contracts are small but that’s because  not a single soul could consider something like this a sure fire thing which makes paying big bucks to college players unrealistic. In an open market OBJ would bring in money that would set records, but the fact of the matter is that he is not on the open market, he has a contract and he needs to be at OTA’s regardless if they “aren’t mandatory”. Yes, Odell is working out but it is not with his team where he needs to be. The Giants have very high hopes for this season and that starts with Odell and his leadership abilities, which aren’t being displayed. OTA’s are a vital part of winning, ask anyone how many players were missing at Patriots camp. I’ll make it easier so you don’t have to ask. The number is zero. If anyone is going to beat the Pats this season their work ethic must be matched. The same goes for Odell and his team.

One Reply to “Dream’s Worth More Than Money By: Joey Bailey”

  1. Joe,

    Welcome to the GBDudes Family. Great article. It says what is wrong with professional sports theses days. Its about the $MONEY$. What happen to” for the love of the game”? Can’t wait to hear more from you.

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