Houston Texans 2017 Preview and Predictions By: Joe Bailey

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For the Texans, the 2016 season ended in defeat at the hands of the almighty New England Patriots, but the football world’s eyes were opened. That defense, without the three time AP NFL Defensive Player of the year J.J. Watt, rattled Tom Terrific and his squad which even with Watt is no easy task. Brady was held to under 300 yards passing, a 47.4 completion percentage, and he threw 2 interceptions (he threw 2 all season). The 34-16 final score does not do Bill O’Brien’s defense any justice. If the Texans had a legit starting quarterback that game may have gone different, but now they may have just that.

Listen, the Texans would be going nowhere fast with Tom not so terrific at the helm, so a decision was made. That decision was to trade up in the NFL Draft and get their guy Deshaun Watson from Clemson. Watson had incredible stats at Clemson, and he was what the Texans need him to be; a winner. He went to 2 National Championships and won one vs the daunting Alabama Crimson Tide. Although he won just the one, his two best games of all time were those games. Now he is playing for a team with a young receiving corps, and a star running back with Lamar Miller. Texans GM Rick Smith said that Watson will be competing alongside Tom Savage for the starting position. I firmly believe O’Brien will chose the rookie signal caller so my predictions will be based off of that. But before I get to those I cannot remiss what the Texans lost this off-season. The Texans let AJ Bouye, one of the NFL’s best corners last season, leave in free agency to division foe Jacksonville. Secondary may be a concern this season, but I still believe the defense will be just fine. With all that said it is time for the predictions (with Watson)

PREDICTIONS: Wins- Jags, Bengals, Titans, Browns, Colts, Rams, Ravens, 49ers, Jags, Cardinals. Losses- Patriots, Titans, Colts, Steelers, Seahawks, Chiefs. 10-6 overall, wins AFC South. Final outcome- Loss in divisional round.

The Texans will be a strong team, but a rookie cannot lead this team past Tom Brady or Big Ben and into the Superbowl, yet that is.

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