The Top 5 Coolest Names and Nicknames In Sports. By: Peter Snyder

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This is a list compiled of 5 dudes who have bad ass names that just roll off the tounge. The type of names that even at birth, you knew they were poised to become athletes.


  1. DJ LeMahieu- Colorado Rockies 2B

Colorado Rockies v Cincinnati Reds

Say this name out loud and it just sounds good. This kid is a cool cat on and off the diamond and his name could not get any more big league. With a good bat and a above average glove along with a last name as cool as they come, I can assure you this guy gets women and is absolutely loving life.

2.  Johnny Gaudreau AKA ” Johnny Hockey” – Calgary Flames LW


This name is my favorite by far. Johnny Gaudreau is dripping in swagger from head to toe. I mean, how pro is this name? To have such a cool name, you need to exceed the expectations and Johnny hockey does just that. He is a rising star and the city of Calgary is falling in love with the young kid from Jersey. Shit… I like this name so much, I might name my kid JohnnyGaudreau; No space just one long, amazing first name.

3. Marcus Stroman AKA “The Stro Show”- Toronto Blue Jays starting pitcher.


Marcus “Stro Show” Stroman is a kid from New York who got his degree at Duke, tore his ACL after debuting in the show, and now is in full form better than ever. He is truly is putting on a “Stro Show”. Marcus is not only intellegent, but carries a cocky swagger to him and knows how to balance the two well. Marcus is currently my favorite player in the majors and I’m not gonna lie, his cool, kick ass nickname plays a part in it. For the most part, it’s just his whole persona that is so exquisite.

4.  Coco Crisp – former pro baseball player.

Tigers Athletics Baseball

This guy doesn’t even need much of an explanation as to why he is on this list.  I mean, the dude’s name is CoCo Crisp; so freaking dope.

5. God Shammgod- Former pro basketball player


This is not a joke. This man’s name is actually God Shammgod. His parents named him God and I don’t think it gets any better than that. I mean, this guy for the rest of his life gets to go up to people and introduce himself with “Hi, I’m God”. God played in the NBA for a few years but was never really a star… but again, his name is God so therefore, he is winning in life no matter what.

Bonus Name: Scooter Gennett – Cincinati Reds LF


With a Name like Scooter you need to be able to do two things: fly around the basepaths and hit an occasional bomb here and there. Well Scooter did just that and than some last night when he hit four home runs along with plateing 10 RBIs. This tied the major league record for most home runs hit in a single game by an individual. Scooter is such a great baseball name and it is fitting for this middle year player. He’s not gonna be the superstar on the team, but he’s gonna bust his ass and be sure to be a contributor in some way night in and night out. The only thing cooler would be if his middle name was Razor.

There it is, there’s my list. let me know what you guys think in the comments and  please let me know what list I should do next. Thank You.

One Reply to “The Top 5 Coolest Names and Nicknames In Sports. By: Peter Snyder”

  1. Pete you continue to amaze me with your insight and stimulating articles. You will leave no stone unturned to satisfy the GBDudes Nation!


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