David Price Is Not A Big Fan Of The Boston Media By: Peter Snyder

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If You haven’t heard, after Mondays loss to the Yankees in which Price did not even pitch, Price Snapped at a local Boston reporter after an unknown question was asked. David than proceeded to say that from now on he will refuse to talk to the media during the days he does not pitch. My reaction is to stop being a cry baby. When you are a professional athlete the media is a huge part of your career and part of that is knowing how to deal with them. To refuse to talk to them even though you’re not obligated, is a weak mans move in my opinion. Price was also overheard shouting in the locker room “fu*k the media” after Mondays loss. It is just immature. I get that being a major league starting pitcher us a high stress job but, be a professional and learn how to deal with the media, all the greats do. Even though I may not per say agree with what he’s doing I also get it. The media’s job is essentially to be ass holes. They want to see you blow up because that will make for a better story and “good Tv”. They are not on your side so why should they have to be compliant to them? All I know is that David Price is a really talented pitcher and I hope this isn’t the start of a media’s attitude problem because those never end well *Cough* Marshawn Lynch *Cough*.

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