Penguins Hold Serve, Dominate Game 5. By: Peter Snyder

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I don’t know who is more dominant at home, the Pens or the Preds. The Penguins dominated game 5 last night, 6-0. That is equivalent to like a 48-0 game in football. It makes you think how is this series still even close? I mean with the exception of the two games in Nashville this series has been dominated by the Pittsburgh penguins. Midway through the game Crosby showed how much of a scumbag he is when he shoved P.K Suban’s head on the ice and kept pushing it down multiple times. That shit should not be tolerated but the NHL has no balls to do anything because it is Sidney Crosby. For example, if this were Bryan Rust he would be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs. There needs to be a policy where you cannot play the “superstar card” to get out of a punishment or per say a fine but that is an article for another day. Evgeni Malkin continued his impressive playoff run scoring his tenth goal along with goals from Phil Kessel and Bryan Rust. Matt Murray is a day and night goaltender and can either be lights out or hear have a free goal. I think this series is over for the sole purpose that Nashville proved they just cant win in Pittsburgh. This series will go 7 most likely and I know anything can happen in-game 7, I just don’t see how Nashville would be amble to get  a road win. This shows how important it is to win home ice in the playoffs and it can literally be the deciding factor. Now I am probably, as a Philadelphia sports fan going to have to talk about how the penguins won their second straight cup, boy am I lucky.







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