Mayweather Vs McGregor is finally official By: Peter Snyder

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The contract is signed, the venue is set, the date is picked and this much anticipated fight is finally going to happen! On August 26th, in Las Vegas, Floyd “Money” Mayweather will face Conor McGregor in a fight that is sure to be the biggest pay per view event in the history of entertainment. This fight has been talked about for nearly two years but both were too stubborn to agree on a deal. These are two of the most cocky, arrogant, and controversial athletes of our generation. When you put two personalities together that are so strong, something is bound to go down. Everything about this fight and everything leading up to is gonna be amazing. The press conference will feature more trash talking than ever before with many personal blows. The weigh in will most likely result in a fight which will only heighten the anticipation of this historic event. We as Americans love hype, we love the attractive match ups that get our eyes glued to the television and this does just that. The downside of this however, could be the fight not exceeding expectations and may make people regret spending the 100 dollars on the PPV. This happened with the Mayweather and Pacquiao fight. I along with many others paid $100.00 for what I thought was going to be “the greatest boxing match of all time”. What happened instead was a boring, yet masterful performance put on by Money Mayweather that made me want all $100.00 back. For this fight to be exciting, McGregor is going to need to land a big punch fast, possibly knocking Floyd out. If he can’t do that earlier in, Floyd will get comfortable and just play defense which he is dominant at doing so. I will write many more articles leading up to this fight but I am just so fired up that these two powerhouses decided to actually put their money where their mouth is.

One Reply to “Mayweather Vs McGregor is finally official By: Peter Snyder”

  1. Pete,

    You can write the PPV cost off on your taxes as a GBDudes business expense! I look forward to more on this fight.


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