Why Do We Hate Top Athletes? By: Joe Bailey

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Over the past several weeks I have been asking myself the same question: Why do we hate the top athlete in almost every single sport? I complied some reasons for my hatred of some athletes. For example I hate Tom Brady because he beats the Steelers, and I hate Sidney Crosby because he beats the Flyers. The same can be said for players like Lebron James and the fans of teams around the NBA. I also found myself hating these same players because not only do they beat two of my favorite teams, but they win championships. Since these players beat our teams we despise them, and that leads us to utter slander against their names. If a Rangers, Flyer, Islanders, or Devils fan were asked why they hate Sid the Kid they would promptly tell you that he’s a cry baby; not because he resides within their division. If a Steelers fan was to be asked why they hate Tom Terrific they would begin to tell you all about how he’s a cheater; not because Tom and the Patriots have ran the AFC for almost two decades. Lebron James haters bash on The King for the same reasons. Whether us as fans want to admit it or not, we do not hate these players for the reasons we think. Deep down we know that it’s simply because we are scared of these players. Scared to have our teams be beaten by these players. This fear that has been created because of their success has blinded us, the fans, from greatness.

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