The Process Will Be Trusted Tonight By: Peter Snyder

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Tonight, the Sixers franchise will change forever. It has been a long and strenuous “process” but as a result of trust from the fans, management and players, it seems like it will all be worth it. Markelle Fultz, who has clearly the most upside in this years draft and the most potential to be a star in this league, will become a Sixer tonight. This comes after the Sixers traded with the Celtics to get the number one pick. Although the Sixers gave up a few first round picks, I think this trade will be absoulutley worth it, as Fultz is exactly the type of guard the Sixers need.

In his freshman year at Washington, Fultz averaged 23.2 points a game along with 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Fultz also does a great job limiting turnovers and shoots a high precentage from behind the arch. I watched a video by the people at sports science, where Fultz was asked to dodge an assortment of dodgeballs being thrown at him at nearly 60 MPH.  His challenge was to keep his dribble the whole time. Fultz did not get hit once nor did he lose his dribble once. It is atonishing how quick and versitile this kid is.

He is not going to have to do all the work all by himself either. When he arrives in the City of Brotherly Love,  Joel Embid coming of a spectacular rookie season will be looking to continue his early stardom.  Ben Simmons will also be making his much anticipated NBA debut. He alone has superstar potential, even more so than Fultz. This could be the next big  three in the NBA and they could help the 76ers make some serious noise in the years to come.

I dont know about you, but as a Sixers fan I have never trusted the process more and cannot wait for tonight’s draft. I’m looking forward to “raising the cat” plenty of times this season.


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