MLB Weekend Roundup By: Peter Snyder

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What we learned this week: the Dodgers are really good, the Yankees have fallen back to earth and are in danger of going underground, the Phillies still suck, and the Cubs still can’t seem to find their groove. The Los Angeles Dodgers are clicking on all cylinders right now and you do not want to get in their way. This weekend, they had a much-anticipated matchup with the Rockies who many said were better than the Dodgers this year. L.A. not only swept the Rockies, they dominated them. The Dodgers outscored the Rockies this weekend by 15 runs and have taken over sole possession of first place in the NL West by two and a half games. I think they are the best team in the NL for the sole purpose of their above average bullpen and shut down closer, Kenley Jansen. Other top teams in the NL, such as the Nationals and Rockies, have struggling bullpens, and everyone knows to win in the postseason, you need pitching. One team that many thought were a World Series contender is now playing like the Bad News Bears. The Yankees returned home this week looking to put a terrible West Coast road trip behind them.  Instead what ensued was the opposite and the Yankees lost four of their six games this week including a series loss to the Rangers this weekend. They just aren’t playing good baseball at all right now. The offense is still there but the pitching is just so stagnant right now and they need to get the problem fixed soon or they will find themselves out of the division race fast. Another team who is playing shitty baseball and who has done so all year is my team, the Philadelphia Phillies. They are now a major league worst 26 games under .500 and lost another series this weekend in the hot ass city of Phoenix. They are just so hard to watch right now and yet I find myself staying up until 1 in the morning watching them get blown out night in and night out. I just can’t take it anymore at this point. To conclude, the Cubs cannot find their stroke. It seems that they can’t win 2 games in a row and continue to stay right around the .500 line. They should be easily winning a series against Miami because the talent is there, but they lost the series to the Fish this weekend and it makes you wonder how long this World Series hangover is going to last.

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