Home Run Derby Preview and Prediction By: Peter Snyder

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The home run derby field is now set and this year’s might be the most hyped up ever. All the guys we wanted to see are in and are sure to put on a show in South Beach. Will the champ return as kind on his home turf? Will the rookies hold there own? Will the Rockie show that he has pop no matter what the altitude is? These are all questions that will be answered Monday, July 10th. This article will break down all 8 competitors, their strengths and weaknesses and at the end I will predict my winner. We start off the field with last years champ.

Giancarlo Stanton: Miami Marlins OF


Giancarlo Stanton is the defending HR Derby champion and is looking to defend his title at his home park. He is considered to be the favorite in this years event for two reasons. One, he is the most comfortbale with the park and demensions in the park along with his counterpart Justin Bour. Two, look at the man’s muscles. He was born a beast. This year Stanton has hit 23 home runs thus far to go along with 54 ribbies. I think Stanton will definitly have a good shot to repeat and stay on top.

Arron Judge: New York Yankees OF


Perhaps the most hyped-up guy in this year’s field is rookie sensation, Aaron Judge. Judge this season has been arguably the most exciting story of the season. He leads the leauge with 29 homers, is second in RBI’s with 65, and is batting an outstanding .331. The 6 foot 7 slugger has insane pop and is the perfect player to be in this competiton. Aaron Judge puts on absoulte clinics in batting practice and this is essentially what this event is, a more hyped-up batting practice competition. I am so beyond ecstactic to see the show that Judge is going to put onMonday night.

Gary Sanchez: New York Yankees Catcher


The player in this year’s field that most people are questioning their entry and reason for participating is Baby Bomber Gary Sanchez. The controversy that comes with him however, is that Sanchez has only hit 13 home runs thus far this season so many are wondering why he was invited. Logan Morrison had some choice words to say about the topic and said something along the lines of “I remember when I had 13 home runs, it was a month and a half ago”. Regardless, what Sanchez is doing is impressive, considering he missed significant time earlier this year. When he does hit the ball out of the ballpark, he hits absoulute bombs and might surprise some people in this event.

Cody Bellinger: Los Angeles Dodgers OF


Cody Bellinger is a 21 year old phenomenon who is showing the world just how good he really is. This season already (was not in the majors on opening day) Bellinger has hit a mind boggiling 24 home runs and to add to his impressive stat line, has 64 hits on the year. There has been an early dicussion this year on who was better and who has been more impressives so far going into the all star break, Bellinger or Judge. It should be a duel for the ages and I hope that they will live up to the hype.

Charlie Blackmon: Colorado Rockies OF


The bearded beauty is not entering the tournement to look pretty, he is entering to compete. If there’s one thing I know about Charlie Blackmon, the dude loves competition. Craves it in fact. The Natinal Leauge All-Star starting outfielder has had a more than impressive first half of the season. He is batting over .300 to go along with his 18 homers. I think Charlie is a dark horse in this competition but that is not going to change his mind set of winning.

Justin Bour: Miami Marlins 1B


Justin Bour is a powerful man with an insane amount of pop. Justin is one of the most underated sluggers in the leauge. Justin loves this park and loves the big stage. Bour has 19 home runs on the season and has an impressive 55 RBI’s to go with it. Bour also knows these dementions very well as this is his home feild, and I think its safe to say he has a chance to take down some big names and possibly even win the whole thing.

Miguel Sano: Minnesota Twins 3B


Miguel Sano has sneaky pop. I say that because the twins are not per say “Americas Team” and are not going to be shown on national telivision. Unfortunately, the world has yet to see how good and powerful Miguel Sano is. Sano is known for his no doubt upper deckers and looks to bring that to Miami on Monday. On the season, Sano has hit 20 homers and has knocked in 60 ribbies. Miguel is anxious to show the world who he really is and he is my sleeper to make a deep run.

Mike Moustakas: Kanasas City Royals 3B


To round off the list, Mike Moustakas AKA “Moose” has  one of the most furocious swings you have ever seen. He was just named as the winner of the American League All-Star Final Vote. On the year, Mike has 25 home runs, which is 3rd best in the majors and has led his team right back in the hunt for the A.L. central. I think Moose will put on a show and hit some of the farthest bombs of the night.

Prediction: I have Judge and Stanton going to the final and have Stanton winning it all. I have both guys shattering the previous record which is currently at 61 home runs. (Giancarlo Stanton, 2016) I honestly think this will be the best Home Run Derby EVER!!!

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