Golf Cart Trend Needs to Stop By: Peter Snyder

This trend needs to stop. You’re trying to tell me it is okay to glorify these idiots who think it’s a good idea to literally run over their so called “buddies” with their golf carts? What kind of crazy society do we live in where this is deemed as acceptable? This trend has become viral due to popular media outlets reposting and reblogging them, Barstool Sports being one of them. Even though I am a Stoolie and support the company heavily, I can not agree with them on this issue. It’s not funny, it’s flat out dangerous and that was proven yesterday when a man was hospitalized with a groosume ankle injury after being run over with a cart.

But yet again this is still getting glorified and praised as this funny act. Now whenever I’m out with my buddies playing a round, I am going to have to watch my backside just in case a golf cart comes railing into my side. Golf is supposed to be relaxing, a time to just chill, for me at least, and this is just going to tighten my stress whenever I play. What is it going to take for this trend to stop being shared and magnified. Is it going to take someones literal death? Will someone literally HAVE TO DIE for this trend to stop? I hope for all that is good in this world that this is not the case.

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