MLB Weekend Roundup By: Peter Snyder

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What we learned this weekend; never get too comfortable with an ace because in a blink of an eye they can walk off the field with an injury. We learned that a baseball can be absolutely murdered and to never sleep on the Cubs. On Sunday, two of the best pitchers in baseball left their starts early due to injuries. Stephen Strasburg of the Washington Nationals was removed from the game after only 2 innings due to arm stiffness. Strasburg has been tearing it up this year and the Nats are praying that this is just something minor and he will be back on the bump shortly. Perhaps even a bigger story was the premature exit of ace Clayton Kershaw. Clayton Kershaw is arguably the best pitcher in the league and is having one of the best regular seasons in the history of baseball. He is 15-2 with a 2.04 ERA. During his start on Sunday, Kershaw began to feel back tightness, eventually leading to his departure after 2 innings pitched. The game needs Kershaw on the mound and I can speak on behalf of all baseball fans, we hope he is okay.

On Friday we had to say goodbye to a great friend. A baseball had been murdered in Seattle by Aaron Judge.


I mean talk about an absolute moon shot! This ball was hit so high and so far that it can not even be measured by statcast. I have not seen a ball hit that far since Ryan Howard hit the third deck at CBP. This dude’s pop is insane and I wish that they would just show this man’s batting practice in full every night. Another ball was unfortunately murdered on Saturday night in Arizona. Bryce Harper took the ball on an absolute joy ride.

Theres nothing better than a dude crushing a baseball and the sound of the wood hitting the ball. Well maybe there is one thing that is better, a walk-off homer that is crushed. Francisco Lindor did just that on Saturday night. He sent the ball into the Cleveland sky as the rain was starting to fall and it was a thing of beauty. Lindor is the face of the franchise and is establishing himself as one of the best shortstops in all of baseball.


The Chicago Cubs are heating up just at the right time and with the addition of Jose Quintana, they are be a force to be wrecking with come October. They have won 7 of the last 8 after the all-star break, the bats are finally heating up, and the arms are starting to reach their potential. Jon Lester threw an absolute gem on Saturday and is showing why he is still one of the best lefties in the game. I think with one more piece, we could very well see the Cubs repeat as champs.

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