Pete Rose Admits to Having Affair With Underage Teen By: Peter Snyder

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pete rose

Pete Rose has been accused of statutory rape. A woman came out and said that in 1973 she had a sexual encounter with Rose when she was the age of 14 that carried through to when she was 16. Rose admitted to having sexual relations with the girl but said that she told him at the time that she was 16, which is the age of consent in the state of Ohio. I have a few takeaways from this. For starters, Pete, you know damn well how old she was so stop lying. It will all come out in court. Secondly, it’s just sad that this has to come out 44 years after the fact and could lead to the end of Pete Rose in the spotlight. Also, the Phillies, who are planning to add Pete Rose to their wall of fame in next week, need to cancel that immediately. This is a bigger issue than the game of baseball and the Phils need to be smart about this. I also think Rose’s statue  should be removed from Great American Ballpark. This has potential to be a HUGE deal if it turns out Pete knew her age at the time. I mean it already is a big deal, technically speaking, he had sex with a girl who was underage but, if he was told false information it can not all be put on him. If he knew the girls age or not, he still is a complete scumbag. This dude was 34 and he allegedly thought she was 16. Like who are you bro? It really is a shame that such a talented baseball player’s life is just turning into such a shit show.

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