MLB Weekend Roundup By: Peter Snyder

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What we learned this weekend; we learned how quickly a division race can turn, we learned how good the Indians actually are and we question if the Dodgers are the best team of all time.

Heading into the week, it looked as if the Yankees had hit full stride, the Red Sox were on a steady decline, and that the Yankees were going to start to run away from the A.L. East. Boy have the tides turned! The Yankees are not playing good baseball, losing four of their  last five and all of a sudden have found themselves down by 3 games in the division. Aaron Judge continues to slump which does not help the Yankees case at all. If he continues to struggle along with the rest of the offense, the Bronx Bombers will find themselves playing in a one game winner take all wild card game.

The Indians are good, like really freaking good. I paid close attention this weekend to see how legit they actually are and they passed every test. They can hit, pitch and flat-out flash the leather. On Friday night, Indian third basemen, Giovanny Urshela made two of the best plays you will ever see at the hot corner.

They also have Francisco Lindor who is as smooth of a defender as they come. If the Indians keep playing the way they are right now, don’t be surprised if you see them representing the A.L. in the World Series for the second straight year.

Finally,  it seems as if the Dodgers keep getting better. As impossible as that sounds, as they were already the best team in baseball and are now playing without their ace Clayton Kershaw, but the fact of the matter is, they are an unstoppable freight train right now. In their last 50 games, the Dodgers have gone 43-7. Let that soak in. A feat like that has not been achieved since 1912 and it brings up the argument about this being the best team in the history of major league baseball. It seems like everything they are doing right now is going perfectly for them and they are on pace for 123 wins. This team is 46 games over .500, you did not read that wrong. I would be shocked if this wasn’t the year the Dodgers won it all, they are just flat-out better than every team they play night in and night out. The acquisition of Yu Darvish showed that the front office is ready to win now and it will be awesome to see how many wins this team ends up with.

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