The Tampa Bay Bucs Saved Hard Knocks By: Peter Snyder

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Lets be honest, last years Hard Knocks sucked. Jeff Fisher was boring as hell, the players had bland personalities and the team flat-out sucked. This year the script has flipped. With an array of personalities like Jameis Winston, Desean Jackson, Gerald McCoy and Mike Evans, the show is full of life. Also their coach Dirk Koetter is not a total snooze fest and is actually pretty funny. I also like how much potential this team has. On paper they are so talented and if they can put it together, they can easily be a playoff team.

The first episode starts off with Jameis Winston going home to his small home in Alabama. He goes to his old house where he explains that it was basically a community center because there would be 20 people at a time in the small ass house. Let me tell you what though man, this dude is a ball of energy. Whether it was him meeting his cousins boyfriend, explaining where the boys of the house would go to pee outside when the bathroom was occupied or the showing of the grill progression of his childhood. It was all hysterical and electric.

Not only is Winston a great personality but he is also a phenomenal player and leader on the football field. Their were multiple instances were Winston would just put on a complete show in practice. I think its clear that he is the face of the franchise. Another Athlete that Hard Knocks spotlighted during episode one was defensive superstar, Gerald McCoy. This guy is another great personality on this young team. He checks into the team’s training camp in a damn Japanese robe, much to the laughter and applause from his teammates. He also showed how great of a teammate he is. As a veteran, Gerald is not responsible for bringing the other players gear in, that’s the rookies job. That being said, he does it anyway. He states that you have to give to receive and I could not agree with that statement more. Gerald is the type of dude that you love to coach and love to play with.

A key acquisition for the Bucs in this years offense was the pick up of WR, Desean Jackson. As a formal Eagle, Jackson will always have a special place in my heart. The show really focused on his transition process and how he was dealing with settling in with his new team. They also showcased his speed and boy oh boy can that man fly. He and Mike Evans are gonna be a scary duo and a nightmare for secondaries to cover this year.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have saved Hard Knocks. They brought life and energy to the show when it needed its the most and that will show in the ratings. I can already tell that this season is gonna be a huge success and I am already pumped up for episode 2.

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