Yanks-Sox SNB live blog By: Peter Snyder

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This is going to be a live blog updated constantly concerning the Sunday night matchup between the Boston Red Sox and the New York yankees. This is the rubber match of this series and I give a slight edge to the Sox tonight for one reason, Chris Sale. He has been the best pitcher in the game this year and I expect a dominating performance from Bostons ace. Opposing him, is Jordan Montgomery. He is 7-6 this year with a 4.05 ERA. He is going to have to dominate tonight if the Yanks have any chance tonight. Stay tuned for updates!

Right off the bat we have an amazing catch by Aaron Hicks, fully laid out, very impressive! Benny Biceps is u[. I love this kid, you’ll see tomorrow in my weekend roundup about how great of a weekend he had and he is looking to cap his great weekend off tonight with another solid performance. He lines out and Montgomery starts the game with a 1-2-3 inning. Now it’s Sales turn to show his stuff. He kinda looks like the Slender man on the mound he is so tall and lanky and it really works to his advantage. Sale is already pumping 97 to start the game, DAMN! Aaron Judge Barely misses a homer to left field, not gonna lie I thought it was gone, along with everyone else at the stadium, Sale ends up walking him and I will give Judge credit on one thing even through the slump, he is drawing plenty of walks. Judge swipes second on an awful throw by Sandy Leon, I think I could have done a better job, and just like that Sale records another strikeout to get out of the inning.

Jordan Montgomery strikes out Hanley Ramirez followed by a ground ball out to shortstop, two quick outs. Brock Holt singles to get the first hit of the night on either side. They’re now men on first and second with two outs, Sandy Leon is up and I can’t lie, I am not a big Sandy Leon fan at all. I think he has no arm, and is a mediocre hitter, he strikes out on que and we head to the top of the bottom of the second. Sale is breezing his way threw this game, no hits through 2 and it looks like we are set for a good old fashion pitchers duel tonight. Jackie Bradley Jr. Hits a piss rocket to left field that is caught by Aaron Hicks who its getting a boat load of action tonight. Another piss rocket by Nunez, but again hit right to an outfielder, thats just how the game works sometimes. Didi follows it up with an amazing play at short to end the top of the third. Montgomery is dealing.I’m not trying to jinx anything but Sale has NH stuff tonight. Strikes out Gardner, this guy is legit filthy. My boy, Benny Biceps is up again, talk about a pro name, he lines out to right field bats are asleep tonight. Hanley strikes out, I don’t wanna fall asleep so can somebody please god do something on offense. Like don’t get me wrong I respect a good pitching matchup, but the pace of play right now just isn’t great. They need to stop showing this sweet Caroline commercial man, do not get me wrong, I love the song, but this commercial is getting played way to much. That pitch was filthy man, 3-2 and Sale paints it on the inside corner, it is just unfair. Also, shoutout to Marlins man for making the appearance to tonight, Also , Judge just struck out again but that was followed by a long single by Gary Sanchez. 4 scoreless innings of baseball, WE WANT HITS!

Brock Holt walked and than swiped second, man on first 1 out. Lets see if they can execute. Sandy Leon strikes out once again, omg I hate him so much. FINALLY, A FREAKING RUN, JBJ hits an RBI single, scoring Brock Holt and lets see if thats all Sale needs tonight. 1-0 headed to the bottom of the 5th. Chase Headly gets a base knock, he’s now on first. Sale records his 6th strikeout of the night which is actually kind if low for his standards. RbI triple for Austin Romine but it should really be called an error it should of been caught by Mookie. Either way, it is now a 1-1 ballgame and Sale needs top get out of this inning with no further damage. Sale gets out of the inning with the strikeout.

Top of the 6th is started by another amazing play by Aaron Hicks, he is a good center fielder man. Gets to the ball in a hurry. Montgomery is pulled from the game after 5 and 1/3 innings pitches. Good start for the rookie and the only reason he exited the game was because they are limiting his pitch count. David Robertson enters the game with a man on first, Hanley Ramirez steps into the box. First and Second, 1 out…. 👀👀👀. John Farell uses his bench as calls up pinch  hitter, Rafael Devers. Devers came on the scene two weeks ago and is having a lot of early success. He is the second youngest player in major league baseball. Robertson Strikes him out on a dirty pitch for a huge second out in the inning. Next pitch Bogarts hits a ground ball and Robertson works his way out of the jam. leadoff single to start the the 6th for Aaron Hicks, he is having himself a night man. Aaron Judge strikes out once again, man is he really struggling. He needs to get his shit together fast. Sale strikes out Gary Sanchez to record number 9 on the night. Sandy Leon gives another errant throw. This dude literally sucks ass. THEIR IT IS. Chris Sale gets his 10th strikeout. He seems like every start that Sale pitches in he haas 10 or more strikeouts, its just amazing. He is having one of the most imopressive single seasons as a pitcher in the history of baseball. Sandy Leon is now batting and let me make a quick prediction, he will strike out. I was right! He is just awful, something about him just bugs me. JBR sends a piss rocket to Aaron Judge, headed to the bottom of the 7th. This game has extra innings written  all over it, I’m talking like maybe even 14, just has that feel to it. This will most likely be Sales last inning but what a freaking show he pout on, 11 strikeouts, on a handful of hits allowed my dude is just on another level right now. BOOM, strikeout number 12, what an outing, what a night, what a game. Fully lead up to expectation. Can’t wait to see how this one finishes. Sale is giving the handshakes, his night is officially done oh and get this, he struck out his 12th batter at 99MPH! Are you kidding me? If you are pumping 99 in the 7th inning you deserve a medal or some shit. Headed to the bottom of the 8th still knotted up at 1, I’m telling you man this ones going to extras. On a side note, former Phil, Howie Kendrick just hit a walkout Grand Slam for the Nationals in the 11th inning as they defeat the Giants. Back to the action though, Aaron hicks walked and Aaron Judge singled so now there are men on first and second with one out. Very tense situation. Sanchez walks, bases loaded 1 out. Not gonna lie, I am not a huge fan of the Red Sox bullpen. This dude can not find the plate right now man, if I was a Red Sox fan I would be Infuriated. He is going to walk in the game winning run, I’m calling it right now. Full count, nowhere to put him. Frazier hits a Sac Fly, Yanks are up 2-1. Lets see if its will hold. Dude comes in the game, blows 3 pitches by DiDi, lets see if Sox can do anything with their potential final AB’s.

The Cuban Missile enters the game and is looking to close the door on this one. HE IS PUMPING IT MAN, 103 ON THE GUN, MY GOD, I can respect that. He is feeling it tonight man, throwing 103 Consistently.  OH SHIT, THE ROOKIE JUST WENT YAYA, OH MY GOODNESS I AM SPEECHLESS. That is the first home run he has given up all year and  like I said, this one is going to extras tonight! Im telling you what man, that is one of the most impressive at bats you will ever see a rookie have, absolutely incredible. Addison Reed comes in the game and he’s looking to bounce back from a awful outing on Friday night. Right off the bat he walks a guy, followed by a sacrifice bunt, guy on first, one out. BIG second out as Elsbury grounds out to second and Craig Kimbrel checks in the game looking to take this one into extras. His delivery is so fascinating to me, it works though. Dirty sequence their as Kimbrel made Gardner look like an absolute fool, we are headed to extras folks! JBR just got nailed with a 101 MPH fastball. That can nit feel good at all. Chapman is starting to lose his command and you wonder how much longer they can go with him. Chapman walks Nunez and that will end his night. Talk about a swing in momentum man. Another Walk! Bases Loaded 1 outs, big opportunity fir the sox. AND GUESS WHOS UP, BENNY EFFING BICEPS BABY! Their it is, Benintendi delivers the RBI knock and the Sox have taken a 3-2 lead , what a freaking game! This is why we love Sunday Night Baseball man, for the matchups like these. Two rivals going at it, competing.   Gardener makes a great catch and we are headed to the bottom of the 10th, with the Yanks trailing 3-2. Kimbrel is back out there trying to shut the door. Great play, one down. Blew By a fastball past Judge, 2 down. Gary Sanchez is battling, will not go down easy. Their art is! Red Sox win a thriller, 3-2. Hope you enjoyed that live blog, good night #GBD.

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