Why The LLWS Is The Best Event Of The Summer By: Peter Snyder

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Even at 18 years old I find myself mesmerized by this great event put on in Williamsport, PA. There is nothing better than seeing a bunch of 12 year olds that are better athletes than I am. Oh, and I am pretty sure some of these dudes are not 12. I saw this kid in the Regional tournament that hit a ball to literally the moon, and he was about 6 foot… AS A TWELVE YEAR OLD!

These kids are just freak athletes and I love watching them go out it on the biggest stage. Unfortunately, the kid that hit the ball to a different area code lost in the regional final so we will not get to see his big ass at Williamsport. I also love the international stories. Stories like the team from Uganda, a couple off years ago who literally played their little league games on an all dirt field in their bare feet, and now was playing on the nicest little field you have ever seen along with all the brand new gear, how can you not love that. It’s a chance, an opportunity. No matter how poor, how rich, how big or small, if you can play ball you will be here and will have a chance to be crowned world champion. Whether it is Mo’ne Davis showing that the term “throwing like a girl” has never been more bad ass or Dalton Carriker sending the town of Warner Robins into a state of euphoria, Williamsport never fails to bring great memories to the end of the summer. It really is the perfect way to cap summer off and I can’t wait to see what this years tournament has in store for us. One more thing, shout out to the local boys from Jackson, New Jersey. Go get em boys!

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