Solar Eclipse Was A Total BUST By: Peter Snyder

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Talk about disappointed, that’s not even the word for it. The scientists hyped this up like this was going to be the next coming of Jesus. I’m not gonna lie, I was a believer of the hype. I bought into it, and tried effortlessly to grab a pair of those sunglasses. I was told that from 1-4 it would appear somewhat dusk, almost as if it was the nighttime, but what ensued was a muggy, humid, sun filled day. It didn’t get dark one freaking bit. Yea I got a peek of the glasses thanks to my generous neighbors and I’m not gonna lie, that was cool. I saw a sliver of a red mood through a dark screen but I was expecting to see a full moon coverage, this is what I was expecting.


You can skip ahead in the video to about 2:40  and that is when it turns into an electric factory. Those people were living it up, full glasses and all. When they reached totality it seemed completely dark out and that would seem like a once in a lifetime moment and experience. Where I am from honestly, if I was never told about it I wouldn’t noticed the difference. Same old regular day. But hey, that’s Jersey for you.

One Reply to “Solar Eclipse Was A Total BUST By: Peter Snyder”

  1. Pete,
    Jersey was in the 75% range for coverage. The cloud cover didn’t help. Totality was only visible in the path of the eclipse. From Oregon through the Midwest to Virginia. I was disappointed too but it was an eclipse. Set your calendar for 2024 in Pittsburg!

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