Mayweather McGregor: More Than Just a Fight By: Joe Bailey and Pete Snyder

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839701312.1503795682Over the past decade or so the sport of boxing has taken a serious hit in popularity, and UFC has been on the rise. Both have different goals, but both goals end with the same outcome. The UFC wants to become a major sport, and boxing wants to regain its major sport status. The UFC seemed to be in good shape, but the same could not be said for boxing. Many in the boxing world have been waiting for something to put the sport back on the map. Many thought the Mayweather Pacquiao “super fight” would do the job, but all it did was put fans to sleep and prove once again that boxing has lost it’s luster. The thought that boxing would be making a major comeback faded after the failed “super fight”, and all hope seemed to be lost, then along came UFC’s Conor McGregor. Arguably UFC’s most talented fighter wanted a shot at the best that boxing has to offer, that man was the undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather. After months of McGregor taking shots at Mayweather his challenge was finally accepted. The fight had been slated for August 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. The build up and hype for this fight was unprecedented with loyal UFC fans, and passionate boxing fans going at each other; arguing over who would be the victor. For the first time since that failed fight boxing had been the talk of the sports world, and because of McGregor being in the UFC, the UFC had gotten a lot of attention as well.

Late Saturday night millions of people watched Floyd Mayweather (50-0) take on challenger Conor McGregor (0-1) in Las Vegas in hopes of seeing a competitive and explosive bout between the UFC’s best take on boxing’s best. I think it is safe to say the fight was worth every penny. I mean, as they were walking up to the fight I got nostalgic because the realization hit that this is actually happening. We as a society have hyped this event up for months on end and it was finally here. The fight started out with great pace. Conor, as promised, attacked early and landed a few solid punches. I think that it was safe to say after the first few rounds Conor was winning the fight and made you think, “holy shit, he can actually beat him.”

All greats learn how to face adversity, that’s what makes them great after all. With basically the whole crowd against him and railing against McGregor, it was safe to say he was facing adversity. He slowly started to be more of an offensive boxer for him which is not his conventional style. It worked though, the momentum quickly changed and before you knew it, the champ was back in the lead. (On a side note, it pissed me off every time Floyd tried to lure Conor into committing a penalty by turning his back, it was obviously done on purpose and I thought the ref did a good job of getting it to stop). Throughout the fight you could also see McGregor’s natural UFC instinct kick in, such as his UFC stance and some illegal hammer punches that were thrown. In the eighth round you could really see Conor’s energy start to drain. He was becoming absolutely gassed and it looked like Money Mayweather could go another 20. Some said that he won Round 8 but you could see that he only had 1 or 2 good rounds left in him. In the ninth, Floyd really started to assert himself as the more dominant fighter. He smelled blood and was going for the kill. He dominated the ninth round and it looked like Conor needed to win two of the last three rounds if he had a chance to win by decision.

What happened next was the opposite. In the tenth, Floyd went on a punching rampage landing punch after punch to the Irishmen’s dome. Conor started to wobble back, and then at that point in his eyes, you could see he was just not in the fight anymore. His hands were not even by his face to defend himself; it was an all out assault at that point. Maybe in UFC you let them keep going but in boxing you have to stop. The fight was over, Floyd Money Mayweather had defeated the Notorious Conor McGregor by TKO. He was now 50-0 and it’s hard to make the argument that he’s not the greatest boxer of all time. Listen, I was a huge McGregor guy and respect him for going out there and lasting 10 rounds with the G.O.A.T., but I also respect greatness. That fight last night and the man who won it was the ultimate definition of greatness.

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  1. Pete,
    I could not have said it better. You captured everything the 25 or so people I was watching the fight with said. You truly do have your finger on the pulse of the people!

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