MLB Weekend Roundup By: Peter Snyder

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What we learned this weekend, that men that play professional baseball for a living are little kids at heart and drool over some new threads, Giancarlo Stanton and the Marlins are the feel good story of the year, and Rhys Hoskins brings a bright light to a struggling Phillies baseball team. Let’s get into it.

To start, this weekend featured new uniforms featuring nicknames on the back of players jerseys. It was known as Players Weekend and as some were fans, some were not at all. Brett Gardner for example, hated the fact that he was not going to get to wear pinstripes during a home series. He also did not partake in the nickname giving and just had Gardner on the back. Others however, loved the weekend such as Manny “Mr Miami” Machado or Odubel “El Torrito” Herrera. This was a weekend filled with customized bats, fancy socks, bright hats, and tons of smiles.


The Marlins are three games over .500 and yes, you read that right. The Miami Marlins who absolutely nobody is talking about as a team, are playing some inspired baseball. This weekend they swept the Padres to assert themselves right in the wild card hunt. I was watching them, and they have a really good freaking offense along with the most underrated outfield in all of baseball. The three-headed beast is compiled of Christian Yelich who is a young stud, Marcell Ozuna who is having a career year and Giancarlo Stanton who on Sunday became the first N.L player since 2007 to hit 50 home runs in a single season. I’m telling you, watch out for this Marlin team in the final month of the season.

Finally, history was made over the weekend as Rookie Rhys Hoskins became the fastest player in Major League history to reach 11 home runs. Hoskins has only played in 18 games for the Philadelphia Phillies and has 11 homers; like – are you freaking kidding me, that is mind-boggling. This is coming at the perfect time as me and many other Philly fans desperately needed something to cheer about. I am so stoked about this young superstar and think the sky is the limit for the pure swinging rook. I also feel that if he was called up just a few months before, he would easily be on his way to the rookie of the year award so it sucks that he was such a late call-up. One thing is for sure though, Philadelphia sports as a whole are definitely on the rise and this man is sure helping.


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