Motivational Monday: Stop Worrying About The “What Could Have Been” By: Peter Snyder

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You need to stop worrying about the what ifs and the what could have beens. Thats in the past. You are physically incapable of changing the past. What you are in control of is the future. Your future. See, you are in control of your own destiny and you can only progress. It drives me crazy when people sulk or reflect in a negative matter towards the past. The past is done, over with. Sure it might have been nice if you asked that girl to prom or went for the morning jog, but one thing you cannot do is waste a breath thinking what could of been but rather what you can do to control your future. I didn’t go on the run this morning that sucks, but guess what, I’m gonna make sure I run extra tomorrow. I didn’t ask the girl to prom, but next year I’ll make sure to ask her.

I’ll leave you with saying that I am a firm believer in the term “Row The Boat”. Row The Boat is a term invented by a man I look up to and I am inspired by, P.J Fleck. P.J Fleck is the head coach for the Minnesota Golden Gopher football team. The term row the boat symbolizes a few things. The first symbol is the Oars. The Oars represent the energy a person brings around them. The Second part of the phrase is the boat. The Boat signifies the sacrifices a person is willing to make to achieve their life goals. Finally to row a boat you need a compass, this compass will lead you in the right direction in life. The compass usually signifies a leader of some sorts. If you are rowing the boat the past is behind you. All the negative energy is behind you and it is trying to catch up to you. That being said, you can never stop rowing the boat because the future is ahead and you have to row the boat to get there.

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