Michigan Vs Florida Live Blog By: Peter Snyder

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This is a live blog written by yours truly concerning the matchup between the Florida Gators and Michigan Wolverines. Tune in at about 3:40 right when the ball is expected to be in the air in Arlington, and check back for constant updates throughout the game. This is sure to be an exiting matchup and I can’t wait to get things going.

Okay first assessment, what in the hell is Michigan wearing, keep it freaking classic with the blue tops, yellow bottoms. They look like a bunch of bees, this is college football, not NFL color rush. Also, this atmosphere is rocking, spoilt right in the middle, half blue, half mason. Feleipe  Franks is getting the start for Florida today, not really sure what I think of the guy, has to prove himself to me today. Michigan is going with Winton Speight, am very high on him. Florida will receive the ball first as good all Jim does a classic Jim move and defers, lets get this shit underway. Up, here we go first play, another review, I am tired of these freaking reviews man, it slows the game down so much. This kid is defiantly crapping his pants as he is about to get ejected after the first play from the line of scrimmage, I know its the first game and the energy is high, but you need to learn how to control yourself and not make dumb decisions like hitting a guy above the shoulders, its just stupid. Targeting does not get called a Devin Bush can take a huge breath.

Maurice Hurst makes his first tackle of the game, and I think him and the rest off the Michigan front 7 will be an X factor in this game. Big 3rd and 15 coming up for the Gators. Gatir kicker nails a FG and they draw first blood 3-0 gators, still can’t get over how ugly Michigan looks. Florida’s defense is so quick man, they just look quicker than the Wolverines early. Great effort by Wilton Speight on third down as he rushes to get a first, thought for sure that was going to be a three and out. Speight takes a long shot downfield, recover draws PI, Michigan already in plus territory. You can see that Michigans offensive line is having trouble early containing Floridas DE long third down coming up. WOW what a gutsy play call as Michigan runs for 36 yards on a 3rd and 13, very ballsy to run for it their, I like it. Theres your first Emmitt Smith on the sidelines spotting. Wonder how many times the camera is going to show that one. Over under, 10.GUTSY CITY IN ARLINGTON Michigan goes for it on fourth down and gets for  a touchdown but the TD is taken away as the WR was deemed ineligible, Michigan has to settle for a FG, score is tied at 3. Even though Michigan lost a lot of players on defense from last season it does not look like they have missed a step. They are insanely quick, force Florida to a three an out on there second possession. Early it seems like Michigan is winning in the battle of the trenches as Michigan is starting to gash Florida with big time runs. BOOM! Wilton Speights hits a wide open receiver who by the way, is only a true freshmen, huge play, Michigan up 10-3. Big boy Fielipe showing off the wheels. For a man of his size, that dude can run, bkg third down conversion for the gators. Florida is going to have to figure out Michigans defense quickly before this one is out of hand. You can already see this game turning towards the big blue. Unless, Michigan beats themselves with stupid ass penalties like we just saw there, there is no need to spin a football after a reception, not a touchdown, but a reception, unacceptable. FLORIDA PICK 6 TO THE HOUSE, that is a huge momentum changer there folks, game tied at 10.  WHAT IN THE HELL ARE WE REVIEWING, christ there is no need for that, he was clearly across the pylon, at this rate we will be here until 9. ANOTHER PICK 6 ARE YOU KIDDING ME! BACK TO BACK POSSESSIONS, I literally jinxed the hell out of this game, I apologize to all Michigan fans. Florida now leads 17-10 and has all the momentum back on their side.  How is Michigan looks totally deflated, need a spark, this game has turned in the matter of seconds. Florida gets a huge 3 and out and are now looking to pad their lead. FLORIDA BLOCKS THE PUNT, are you kidding me, this game is bananas, and I’m not just talking about the Michigan Uniforms. Michigan is now in Dire need of a defensive stop.

Michigan does exactly what they needed to do stopping the Gators offense which led the a missed FG, still 17-10 Florida. Jim Harbaugh must of had enough with Speights as he is now sitting on the bench, the backup just threw a dime piece though so I don’t hate the decision. Up, would you look at this we have our 95th play being reviewed during this game. This being the second one for targeting, again no targeting is called, how bout the refs just get it right the first time. CC Jefferson just annihilated this O’Korn kid, I have to figure the least thing he thought he would be doing today was getting crushed by big ass defensive linemen. Big 3rd down coming up for the Wolverines, and O’Korn goes down once again, bringing up a long and I mean LONG FG attempt and the Quinn Nordeen NAILS the 55 yarder, beautiful stroke by the kicker who is making his collegiate debut 17-13 Gators late in the first half. Franks has proved me wrong, he has defiantly proven himself thus far. Very poised ford a kid making his first college start. That has to be so deflating for a running back when you run for a touchdown and it gets called back for holding, a lot of times though if it weren’t for the holding there would be no touchdown, a running back will never se it that way though. Wilton Speight is back in the game and the defensive backs eyes are lighting up. They eat Pick 6’s for breakfast. Theres the half. Very competitive half, both teams competing and making their fair share of mistakes. I think the team that can limit their mistakes in the second half will win this ball game. Also I would love to see inside the Michigan locker room because I can assure you that it is gonna be a yell fest by Harbaugh.

Second Half underway and Michigan receives the ball first, Speight remains under center as Harbaugh has to trust his starter. Michigan goes for it again for it on 4th down and once again gets it, this team is fearless, and I think they forgot what a punt is. Speight delivers an absolute dime to recover Grant Perry, Michigan is now in the Red Zone and is working with some pace. TOUCHDOWN WOLVERINES! Beautiful drive finished off b y a TD run. Michigan goes back on top 20-17. Big way to start the half for the big blue, will be interesting to see how the Gators co,e out for their first drive of the second half. WOW! Huge fumble on the ensuing kickoff recovered by Michigan as they are now presented with a golden opportunity to pad their lead. This game is full of momentum changers and the momentum is now on Michigans side. Michigan falls to turn the turnover to 6 points but does manage to get 3 points out of it now lead by 6. Good stand by the Florida defense.

Big 3rd and 4 coming up for the Gators and once again Florida fumbles and turns the ball over AGAIN! UNBELIEVABLE. This has been a game of freaking turnovers. I told you whoever could limit the mistakes in the second half was going to win and so far the advantage goes to Michigan. Michigan bends but does not break as they hold Michigans offense again, keeping themselves in this ballgame. Michigan gets another FG, now up by 9, Gators need a score. Gators get shut out on offense again, this game is slipping away from them , Michigan’s defense has just been so freaking impressive today, not giving an inch without trouble. Michigan looking to punch it in the end zone for a “dart to the heart”. Florida gets a big stop and honestly are probably going to bring some pressure on the punt here, punt gets away, Floridas ball, in desperate need for some sort of score. Even 3 would help. Malik Zaire is now in the game, the QB transfer from Notre dame, hoping to give the gators some sort of spark here. Great throw on third down by Zaire but an even better catch by the WR, huge 3rd down conversion, Florida now at midfield.

Headed to the fourth, the home stretch. Michigan still up by 9 but Florida is driving, should be an exciting finish. Huge third down sack to start the fourth quarter by Michigan, Florida is forced to punt yet again. This Michigan offense continues to impress. Michigan has been dominating the grown game 189 to 29, that is an unbelievable stat and its amazing the lead is only at 9. Statistically, this game is a blow out. Michigan is now in plus territory and its now trying to put the nail in the coffin. They are slowing starting to prove why the Big Ten is the best conference in football. Speights had a dude wide freaking open. but just missed him, awful throw, I’m sure he wants that one back. Another field go upcoming for Michigan, this would extend the lead to 12. FG is missed and Florida has life. It’s like Michigan is keeping a crack in the door for Florida to get back in this game, Florida just can not execute. Michigan is continuing to dominate on defense and is going to give Floridas offensive line freaking night terrors. They have just been in the backfield all day long and Florida has been not been able to move the ball all day. If it weren’t for the two pick 6’s this game would be way over. Michigan is marching along but fails to punch it in the end zone which will set up another FG attempt, I;m telling you man the offense is just leaving the door open the tiniest bit. THE KICER MISSED THE CHIP SHIOT. This game is just flat out sloppy and Florida should not be in this game right now, but they are, thanks to the inability to execute by Michigan. I am actually blown away by the how Michigan is just letting Florida stay in this game. Stomp on their throat, kick em when there down, put the dagger through there heart, be a gladiator and make a play! Florida is facing a 3rd and three which you have to assume is 4 down territory, they are down 2 scores with under 4 minutes to play, they don’t get the third down so here we go heres the game. Florida fails to get the first down but there was a questionable no PI call never the less this game is over Donezo, finito. Baring a miracle of course. Another great sideline report by Holly Rowe, looking better than ever and we are all on your side as she is fighting her battle with cancer. Florida is getting the ball back with 2:29 to play. They need to go the length of the field, score , which they have not been able to do, execute the onside kick and score again probable? No but possible yes. Malik fumbles the ball but thankfully a big O linemen recovers. Next play, another fumble in the end zone recovered by Michigan for a Touchdown! The Finisher has finally been executed and how fitting is it that the defense was the one to do it. Let me tell you something folks, if this offense can get it together watch out for this Michigan team because this defense is one of the best in the country and it proved that today. For Florida, they have a lot of work to do. Yes, they had 10 players suspended but this offense looked non existent and they are going to have to improve if they wanna compete in the very hard SEC. This was a blast guys, thank you all who have stayed and read, I am so pumped that College Football is finally back and it should be a very exciting season. If you guys want me to do more pf these live blogs leave a like. Final score in Texas Michigan 33, Florida 17. Until next time ✌️

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