College Football Week 1 Recap By: Peter Snyder

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Week 1 is in the books and boy did it lead up to the hype! In a weekend that was full of comebacks, points, and upsets for the everyday fan like myself, this weekend was perfect. This is a full recap of the most notable stories from week 1 and we start with two of the biggest upsets in College Football history.

Matt Rhule made his coaching debut on Saturday night in Waco Texas as his Baylor Bears welcomed Liberty University. Liberty University was making a transition from FCS to FBS football and coming into Saturday, had never won a game against a power 5 team. They were huge underdogs and most were not even giving them a fighting chance. Well guess what; they shocked the world. Every time Baylor would get a lead in the game, Liberty would have an answer, eventually pulling away in the fourth quarter. Liberty won the game 48-45 and for the first time in school history, Liberty has defeated a team from the power 5. This is one of the moments that we will be talking about for years to come and the small school from Lynchburg will never forget.


If I told you that there was an even bigger upset on Saturday you probably wouldn’t believe me. Howard University went into Las Vegas on Saturday night as a 45, yes FORTY- FIVE point underdog against UNLV. If Liberty wasn’t given a fighting chance Howard might have been considered asgood as dead. If Howard were to win this game it would be considered the biggest upset in college football history by the spread. Led by Cameron Newton’s brother, Caylin Newton, Howard shocked the freaking world. Since the game was not nationally televised, many did not see the game or even hear about the result until much after the game ended. It will also go down as the quietest upset of all time. Howard won the game 43-40 and if you were betting on Howard Saturday night, you’d be a very rich man on Sunday morning.


You can’t talk about week 1 without talking about the best game of the week. On Sunday night, Texas A&M made a trip to the Rose Bowl to face UCLA. UCLA has a highly talented quarterback named Josh Rosen but in the first half he looked anything but highly talented. UCLA came out flatter than a pancake and dug themselves in a pretty deep hole. At the half they were down 38-10 and that only got worse before it got better. A&M added two field goals early in the third quarter and it was 44-10. Many would think that a 34 point deficit in the second half was insurmountable but Josh Rosen had a different idea. Soso Jamabo ran for a late third quarter touchdown but the score was still 44-17 in favor of the Aggies. In the fourth quarter, Josh Rosen caught absolute fire 🔥🔥.  He threw for not one, not two, not three, but four fourth quarter touchdowns. UCLA would go on to score 35 unanswered points in the second half and to finish the comeback Josh Rosen went a la Dan Marino and executed a perfect fake spike. It was literally a moment out of a movie and will be a comeback for the ages.


Some other notable stories from week one included defensive dominance from Michigan and Alabama, an old rivalry renewed that certainly lived up to the hype, and an absolute display put on by the early Heisman favorite. The best two defenses of the weekend were definitely Alabama and Michigan. To start, Michigan had a huge matchup against Florida on Saturday and although the offense might have disappointed in some ways, the defense  sure did not. They were flying to the ball on every single play and their sheer speed was a thing of beauty. Unfortunately for them, the other side of the ball was keeping the opposition in the game. They had to take matters into their own hands and got a defensive touchdown late in the game to seal the deal. Their defense showed that they can play with anybody in the country and are not afraid of anyone or anything. Another team that had a fearless defense on Saturday night was the Alabama Crimson Tide. They were facing the Florida State Seminoles in what was to be considered the best opening game ever. This was the first time in CF history that an AP number one faced off against an AP number 3 in week 1. Florida State had a potent offense led by QB Deondre Francois. Alabama did what only Alabama does. Dominate. They were better on both sides of the ball but especially on the defensive side. They held Florida St. to only 7 points and it was hard for the Seminoles to even get an inch. Alabama looks like an early favorite to win it all this year as this might be the best Alabama defense we have ever seen.


Virginia Tech and West Virginia are only 220 miles from each other but yet haven’t played a game in 5 years. This used to be a big time rivalry and it’s really a shame that it has faded away because these two teams put on an absolute show Sunday night. The game went back and forth and came down to the very last play. Will Grier made his WVU debut and he did not disappoint. He looked confident and right at home. Maybe a more impressive debut was the Virginia Tech Quarterback Josh Jackson. The freshman looked anything but one and could have easily been mistaken for a fifth year senior. The game came down to the final play but WVU failed to put the ball in the end zone and lost to Tech, 24-31. I also have to point out that althoiugh it was at a numeral site, the atmosphere was absolutely phenomenal and seemed like a real college atmosphere.


The final story I am going to talk about is the absolute show that Heisman hopeful Saquon Barkley displayed on Saturday. Barkley racked up 172 yards on the ground, 2 TDs along with 54 receiving yards. He reminds me so much of LeSean McCoy it’s almost scary. He is so versatile and flashy and I am just in love with him. See, I can’t talk too much about him or it will sound biased as a am a huge Penn State fan but all I’m saying is this guy is must see TV and you need to tune in next week against Pitt.

If week one is any indication of what this season is going to be like, buckle up because we are in for one hell of a ride.


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