What is going on with the Dodgers? By: Peter Snyder

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Last month I asked my Dad if he thought the Dodgers were “The best team ever” because I’m not going to lie, at that very moment I asked the question, I was contemplating it. At that point in the season they had won 40 some games during a 56 game span. Those numbers have never been seen before and the Dodgers were on pace to win 115+ ballgames. Now people are starting to question if they will even win 100. In their last 18 games the Dodgers have gone 1-17, to go along with a current, eleven game losing streak. During this stretch in which they have lost 11 straight, the starters (who all year have been phenomenal) have had a 5.40 ERA and their bullpen (who has been their strong point for much of their success this season) have an atrocious 7.59 ERA. Their powerful offense is hitting .201 over their last 10 ball games and have been struggling to put runs on the board.

Cody Bellinger, who was absolutely murdering the ball this year (36HR, 83RBIs), has been a ghost lately and the team is desperately hoping his bat gets hot again soon. It makes you think, “how is this even possible”. How does a team that was so dominant, so successful, go to shit in such a short period of time. A positive or what the Dodgers thought was going to be a positive, was the return of their Ace, Clayton Kershaw from an extended stay on the disabled list.  Ever since coming back though, he has pitched poorly, only winning one game over his last three starts . Nothing can go right for these guys right now.  If they don’t get back on track soon , they can see themselves going into the playoffs ice-cold, and quickly losing in the first round of the playoffs. The Dodgers are not unfamiliar to collapsing however, but they usually just wait to the playoffs. I guess the collapse just came early for the boys in blue.

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