Is Rhys Hoskins The Future Face of The Franchise? By:Peter Snyder

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Rhys Hoskins has 18 Homers, 39 RBIs, a 1.253 OPS, and have I mentioned, he’s only been in the Bigs for 34 games He has quickly become the feel good story of the year and has Phillie fans ecstatic on what is to come in this young phenoms future. The 24-year-old from California made his debut on August 10th, 2017. He would quickly be welcomed to the Bigs when Mets starter Jacob DeGrom threw perhaps the best pitch he has thrown all season, painting a strike 3 pitch on the black. Rhys struggled early going 0-12 in his first three major league games. Then the light switched on one night in San Diego when Hoskins hit his first two home runs in back to back ABs. Since than, the man has caught complete fire. Hoskins became the fastest player to ever hit 9 home runs and is on a pace that we have never seen before in the history of Major League Baseball.

He is also going to become the fastest player to hit 20 homers, most likely 30 and the question is “When will this man slow down”. Now yes, I do understand that pitchers have not gotten the chance to fully adjust to him yet,  but I think it has become pretty clear that this man is no fluke.

Many Phillie fans have begun to bring up the question ; Is he the future of the franchise? As a Philadelphia Phillies fan myself I think I can answer for all my fellow P’s fans out their……. daniel-bryan-yes-yes-yes-wallpaper

Listen folks, this is more than just a “hot start”. This dude has put a month of consistency of the board and have made the best pitchers in the world look like little leaguers. He has only played in 34 games and already has more than HALF of the number of RBIs that Philadelphia’s big “power hitter”, Maikel Franco has garnered all season .  That is just a mind-blowing stat.  I don’t know much about the Phillies and the state of their futue right now, but what I do know is that this kid is special. I could not be more excited to have him on our team. Who knows maybe in a few years, we’ll be seeing him play this way in October and maybe even November leading us to a championship.😏🏆.

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