College Football Week 3 Recap By: Peter Snyder

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Another week, another week of action packed exciting college football. This week featured a continuing trend not to sleep on the “cupcake team.” We saw a pair of Tigers flex their muscles and make statements and a Trojan and Longhorn battle it out in a colosseum. We start with a small school from Illinois who sent shock waves in the college football world on Saturday morning. Also, read until the end for the video of the week.

Northern Illinois out of the Mac conference has been a competitive team for the last half decade and this is in big thanks to their head coach, Rod Carey. Carey has totally flipped this program around the past 5 years and is a great head coach that the country should get to know. Despite the success, Nebraska, a. big ten powerhouse, saw Northern Illinois as nothing more than a schedule filler. Nebraska paid Northern Illinois 800k to come into their stadium and essentially be an easy win for the Cornhuskers. What ended up happening though was a case of highway robbery. Carey took his team into Lincoln and shocked the world. The Huskies shocked the Huskers 21-17. This big ten upset is nothing new for the Huskies however. In 2014  they went into Northwestern and beat them. This puts all the big time schools on notice that Northern Illinois is not a team you want to fill your schedule with because they will make you regret that decision and hand you an early season loss.


The Memphis Tigers are known for having a “signature” win that puts the country on notice. Two years ago they upset Ole Miss and last year they shocked Houston, who at the time was led by Tom Herman. This year their signature moment came early in the season. On Saturday, Memphis welcomed the 24th ranked UCLA Bruins led by Heisman hopeful, Josh Rosen. The game was electric. It featured a boat load of scoring and it seemed like whoever had the ball last was going to win the ball game. While trailing 48-45, UCLA had one more chance to either tie or take the lead. Memphis would not have any part of it however, shutting the Bruins offense down and securing the upset. Memphis is a team not many people talk about but always find their way competing and beating top their teams. This will definitely help the Tigers moving on throughout their season and for UCLA, this is a giant step back to a promising start to the season.


Another Tiger that looked mighty impressive on Saturday was the Tigers of Clemson. On Saturday night, Clemson faced Louisville in a highly anticipated matchup. This was only the third time in college football that the defending Heisman trophy winner (Lamar Jackson) faced the defending national champions (Clemson) in a regular season game. The game was in Louisville so Clemson had to go into a very hostile atmosphere. Early in the game, it was clear who was the better team. Clemson came in confident, like they owned the place and that confidence resonated throughout the whole game. Kelly Bryant, the first year Clemson Quarterback who was making his first road start, looked like a seasoned veteran and showed a great amount of poise and composure throughout the game. On the other side, Lamar Jackson who people hype up to be this the next Mike Vick, looked like average QB at best. He missed a shit load of throws that needed to be completed if Louisville had any chance to win the game. He is very good on his feet, but Clemson quickly found a way to contain his rushing game. Clemson dominated the game on both sides of the football leading to a blowout win, 47-21. Many said that Clemson would not be as good this year with the loss of superstar QB Deshaun Watson, I think the Tigers showed the WORLD last night how that is not the case and they are just as good if not better than they were last year.


The weekend was capped off with easily the best game of the weekend and arguably the best game of the early college football season. Texas and USC matched up for the first time since 2006, where they met in the National Championship. Texas won that game on a late Vince Young TD run so many were calling it a “revenge game” for the trojans. Coming into the game, USC was ranked 4 in the nation and were 16 and a half point favorites against the Longhorns. Many expected it to be a blowout in the house that Trojan built but what ensued was a defensive battle that went down to the wire. Late in the game, Texas needed a TD to take the lead as they were trailing by 4 at the time. What ensued was an amazing drive by the Longhorns, capped off by a TD pass with under a minute to go. Texas was now up by 3 and was hoping to close the game on defense. They failed to do so and let up a FG as time expired and the game was headed to OT. In overtime both teams scored touchdowns on their first possessions, sending the game into a second overtime. In double OT, Texas had a goal to go situation but turned the ball over on a fumble and that set up USC in a perfect position to win the game. True freshman kicker Chase McGrath became the hero of the night, kicking the game winning field goal in 2OT. The final score was 27-24 in favor of the Trojans and what was a sloppy first half turned out to be a great game and magical night in Southern California.

Texas v USC


Video of the week

This weeks video of the week features the thrilling end to the Florida, Tennessee game. With 9 seconds left on the clock, Florida’s quarterback, Feleipe Franks chucks an absolute BOMB to the end zone, finding his receiver, Tyrie Cleveland to win the game as time expires. The music is also a great touch to the moment.

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