MMQB: The Madness That Was Week 3 Of The NFL Season By: Andrew Meyers

Week 3 of the 2017 NFL season can be described with many different adjectives: crazy, insane, unbelievable, incredible, legendary. The list goes on and on, but I like to describe it with one simple noun, madness. In total, 5 games on Sunday were determined in the final minute of the game.

Rather then giving a quick recap of every Sunday game, like I did in weeks 1 and 2, I am going to give recaps of the 5 exciting finishes we saw in week 3. However, the final score of every game will still be at the end of this article, so if you don’t like excitement and drama and just want to skip to the end, go for it.

The madness starts in Chicago, where the 0-2 Bears tried to grab their first victory of the season against the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers. The game saw little action until the end of the first half, when a Chris Boswell field goal attempt was blocked and scooped up by Marcus Cooper of the Bears. Cooper looked to have an easy touchdown to put the Bears up 21-7 at the half, but then, this happened.

Just a crazy play, but the Bears did end up making the field goal that followed the touchback, making the halftime score 17-7. The Bears offense was shut out in the second half, and the Steelers were able to tie the score following a Le’Veon Bell touchdown run and a 32-yard field goal from Boswell. The game ran into overtime, where the Bears had no hesitation to finish the game. Chicago won the toss and in just 4 plays, won the game on this 19-yard run from 2nd-year running back Jordan Howard.

In Detroit, the Lions hosted the defending NFC Champion Atlanta Falcons. It appeared that the visiting Falcons were going to cruise to another victory, as they jumped out to a 17-3 lead in the 2nd quarter. The Lions clawed their way back (pun intended), and tied the game up at 23 a piece at the end of three quarters. Atlanta regained the lead on the first play of the 4th quarter, as Matt Ryan found Taylor Gabriel on a screen pass, and Gabriel took it 40 yards for the score. Detroit answered with a field goal on their next drive, and followed that with a turnover on the Falcons’ next drive. Then, on the final drive of the game, Detroit drove 88 yards down the field to the Falcons’ 1-yard line with 19 seconds left. Detroit threw incomplete passes on first and second downs, and on third down, Matt Stafford hit Golden Tate for what looked like the game winning touchdown. Upon review, it was determined that Tate’s knee was down prior to the ball crossing the plain, and because it was a completed pass, the overturned call resulted in a 10 second run off, ending the game. Here’s the final play, you be the judge.

After an 0-2 start to the season, the Giants were in a must win situation when they came to Philadelphia to take on the Eagles. An 0-3 start, with 2 of those coming from divisional opponents, would make the Giants’ season much harder to salvage. The Eagles looked like they were going to run away with this one, as they had a 14-0 lead through three quarters, and were making every stop they needed to against the struggling Giants offense. Then in the 4th quarter, New York’s offense exploded, scoring 3 unanswered touchdowns, and silencing the home crowd. The Eagles quickly tied the game following the Giants’ 3rd touchdown, then both teams traded field goals to make the game 24-24 with 51 seconds to go. The Giants went 3 and out, and an awful punt from Brad Wing gave the Eagles the ball at their own 38-yard line with 13 seconds left. A quick pass to Alshon Jeffery put the Eagles at the Giants’ 43-yard line with 1 second left. Rookie kicker Jake Elliott, in just his 2nd week with the team, stepped up to attempt a 61-yard field goal for the win.

I realize I picked the Spanish broadcast, but I mean how could you not. One of the most legendary calls EVER heard. All things aside, this 4th quarter was thrilling to watch, and you could not have asked for a better ending to one of the best rivalries in football.

The Patriots hosted the Houston Texans, and boy was this a thriller. A 21-20 halftime score was enough to keep any fan locked in. Following a quick score from the Patriots to open the 3rd quarter, the Texans answered with 13 straight points to take a 33-28 lead with 2:24 left to go. If Texan fans thought this game was over, they have clearly been living under a rock for the past 17 years. Tom Brady is the LAST guy anyone should count out of a comeback, and he showed why as he led the Pats 75 yards down the field in just 8 plays, resulting in this game-winning pass to Brandin Cooks. Oh, by the way, that was Brady’s 5th touchdown pass of the game. 40 never looked so good.

Lambeau Field was in a state of shock when the Packers went into the locker room at halftime trailing the 0-2 Bengals 21-7. Cincinnati had not scored a touchdown in the first two games, but turned it around with three in the first half. Aaron Rodgers then showed why he has the right to tell everyone to “relax”, as he hooked up with Jordy Nelson for two touchdowns in the second half, sending the game to overtime with the score tied 24-24. Following a 3 and out from the Bengals on the opening drive of overtime, Rodgers found Geronimo Allison for a 72-yard pass, before Mason Crosby hit a 27-yard field goal to give the Packers the victory. Here is Rodgers’ pass to Allison that set up the game-winner.

Week 3 Awards:

MVP: Tom Brady – 25/35, 378 yards, 5 touchdowns

Offensive Player of the Week: Todd Gurley – 28 carries, 113 yards, 5 catches, 36 yards, 3 touchdowns

Defensive Player of the Week: Washington Redskins defense – forcing 3 turnovers, 4 sacks, 128 yards allowed

Week 3 scores:

LAR 41 – SF 39

JAX 44 – BAL 7

PHI 27 – NYG 24

IND 31 – CLE 28

BUF 26 – DEN 16

CHI 23 – PIT 17 (OT)

ATL 30 – DET 26

NE 36 – HOU 33

MIN 34 – TB 17

NYJ 20 – MIA 6

NO 34 – CAR 13

TEN 33 – SEA 27

GB 27 – CIN 24 (OT)

KC 24 – LAC 10

WSH 27 – OAK 10

Monday Night Prediction:

DAL 21 – ARI 15

My apologies for not talking about every game. This week was just so crazy, I wanted to hit the big games only. Barring another wild week, I will go back to recapping every game for the rest of season. Thanks for reading.



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