Boston Red Sox 2017 Postseason Preview By: Peter Snyder

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I am writing this on Wednesday so hopefully by the time this is published, the Sox haven’t blown their division lead. The Red Sox are back in the postseason for the second straight year and for the first time in franchise history, they have won back to back A.L East division titles. I found that stat mind blowing. For a team that has been around for so long and is such a historic franchise, its shocking they have never repeated as division champs. This division title was not given to them however, for the duration of the season, the New York Yankees were breathing down the Sox necks, giving them very little room for error. The boys from Boston found a way to weather the storm and are now looking to make a deep run in this years postseason.

A key part to the Red Sox success this season was production out of their ace, Chris Sale, who ended up having a historic season. Sale is a strike out wizard and that showed this year as he led the league in strike outs by a wide margin, striking over 300 batters. He also is going to be very close to breaking the single season strike out record in the history of the Sox franchise. He is currently second to Pedro Martinez who had 313 strikeouts during the 1999 baseball season. Sale is currently at 308 SO and is scheduled to start on the final game of the regular season. Sale however, has not been pitching his best as of late and will need to have his stuff every time he takes the hill if the Sox have any chance of making a Postseason run. Another key part of the Red Sox success this year was the production of rookie outfielder, Andrew Benintendi also known as “Benny Biceps.” The young rook has taken the world by storm, becoming a star in just his first full season. On the year, Betetendi has swiped 19 bags, knocked in 90 plus and is hitting right around 275. He also has hit 20 homers and for a guy his size, is pretty impressive. If it wasn’t for the sensational year that Aaron Judge is having, Benintendi would have been A.L rookie of the year. I have said it numerous times ans I am going to say it again, I think this kid is the next Carl Yastrzemski and the Red Sox faithful should be lucky they have a guy like him on their team.


Unfortunately for the Sox, they are coming into October all sorts of banged up. Mookie Betts, a key bat for the Sox offense, is bumped and bruised along with Benintendi who got banged up just the other day. They still don’t know how heathy David Price and the contribution he will have in the postseason. To be blunt, this team is just cold right now and its coming at the worst time. Momentum is crucial in October and the Red Sox have none right now. I have them losing in 4 to the Houston Astros in the ALDS and the only way they will win that series if they miraculously get healthy and hot and I do not see that happening. It looks like it will be another quick out for the boys from Boston.


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