Colorado Rockies 2017 Postseason Preview By: Peter Snyder

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The Rockies are going to be the last team to clinch a postseason birth and it could very well be that their fate will be very unknown going into the last day of the season. Coming into the weekend, the Rockies magic number is at 2 to clinch the N.L. wild card spot where they would face the Arizona Diamondbacks in the battle of the N.L west. The Rockies success can be credited to mainly the offense and stellar defensive play. A main weakness with the Colorado Rockies however is their unstable pitching staff and that will be a concern heading into the postseason.

Nolan Arenado is the best defensive third basemen in baseball and may be the best overall third basemen in the MLB.  Arenado is putting up video game type numbers this season, batting over 300, hitting 37 home runs (as of Friday) and driving in 120 plus. The dude is a flat-out monster and is putting up a good case of why he deserves to be the N.L. MVP. As the defense goes for Arenado, the dude flashes the leather like no other. His arm is literally a cannon and makes plays that literally make you scratch your head and wonder, “How is that humanly possible?” His production is going to be key if the Rockies are going to make a run this October. Another key piece to the Rockies special season is emerging superstar, Charlie Blackmon. He himself is also making a case for the MVP. Blackmon is hitting a remarkable .328 (as of Friday) along with 35 plus homers and 100 ribbies. He is having a sneaky good year and its amazing that more people are not talking about him. This Colorado offense is dangerous and if they can piece it together, they will be a dangerous out in the playoffs.


The Rockies do not have a good starting rotation or a good bullpen. I mean they have Greg Holland but he’s been sloppy at times and I think that is only gonna hurt them in the WC game. They are going to face Zack Greinke in Arizona who is a very successful pitcher at home. I think Greinke along with the D backs offense is going to be too much for the Rockies to handle and I think the Rockies Cinderella season will end on Wednesday night. The only way they win in my opinion is if Blackmon and Arenado have career games and that is very unlikely but hey,  this is the postseason and anything can happen in October.

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